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Alexa Fails Super Bowl Commercial 2019 [With Han Solo & Dog]

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In this hilarious, Alexa Fails Super Bowl Commercial [Amazon’s 2019 Ad Spot], Harrison Ford and friends find themselves at the center of some epic Alexa “fails.”

Watch the Ad Right Here

Click the play button below to view Amazon’s 1:30 second Alexa fails Super Bowl ad. If viewing this on a desktop computer, you can right-click on the video for more options.

The Microwave is Real

Alexa Fails Super Bowl Commercial 2019

For those of you who may not know, Amazon really did put Alexa in its new AmazonBasics Microwave last year. So, that part of this past Sunday’s Alexa Superbowl commercial is true. Everything else is fictitious.

Alexa Fails Super Bowl Commercial

However, Amazon did have a real-life fail recently and had to pull its new Echo Wall Clock due to connectivity issues.  The company says the inexpensive clock with Alexa timers and alarms will return soon.

You can see the Wall Clock on Amazon here.

It should be available soon and maybe at the time that you read this. We want one!

Alexa Fails Super Bowl Commercial 2019: What Do You Think?

So what do YOU think about the 2019 Amazon Alexa Fails Super Bowl ad? Do you agree that it is funny?

Do you think that we will see voice assistants like Alexa in more and more consumer products as time goes on?  If so, what type of appliance would you like to control with your Echo device?

For me, it would be the ability to turn on and off my morning shower. Or maybe flush my toilet? Now that would be pretty convenient!

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