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How to Connect Amazon Alexa to College Dorm Wi-Fi

In Amazon Alexa, College or University by Tim Brennan

In this post, I provide four solutions to the curious challenge of how to connect Amazon Alexa to college dorm Wi-Fi. These tips will work with Google Assistant and other smart speakers as well. You basically have four options: Option 1: Follow College / University Guidelines to Connect Option 2: Ask IT to Add Alexa’s MAC Address to the Network …

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How To Make a Smart Dorm for Under $100 $50 $25

In College or University by Tim Brennan

Heading off to school on a budget and want to know how to make a smart dorm for under $100 $50 $25? Alright, you frugal college-bound genius, I am here to give you not 10, not 20, but 35 cool college tech products. Safeguard That Mac ‘n Cheese ack in the day, roughly a quarter-century ago (yikes), I spent my …