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Echo Auto vs Echo Input vs Echo Dot: 2022 Update

In Amazon Alexa, Echo Auto, Echo Dot by Tim Brennan

A surprising question I often get asked is: What is the difference between Amazon’s Echo Auto vs Echo Input vs Echo Dot devices? Why is this surprising? I mean, they all sort of look the same.  Two of them are roundish and they are all smallish electronic devices. And they all let you engage with Amazon Alexa in some fashion. …

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Echo Dot 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen [Cool LCD Clock Update 2022]

In Echo Dot, Reviews by Tim Brennan

Summary: This article provides a detailed review and comparison of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen model. It includes a helpful comparison chart highlighting differences between Amazon’s two most popular smart speakers. So what’s the difference between the 3rd Generation and 2nd Generation Dot? The 3rd Generation Dot outshines the 2nd Gen Dot in nearly every way, except …

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Why is My Echo Dot Red? How to Fix It [Steady or Blinking]

In Echo Dot, How Tos by Tim Brennan

In this article, I’ll help you answer the question “why is my Echo Dot Red” and walk you through how to fix it step by step. Echo Dot’s Mysterious Light Ring love the Amazon Echo line of smart speakers. I currently have three Echo Dots in addition to several other Alexa electronic devices that include two Echo Shows, a Fire …