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Do Ring Video Doorbells Get Stolen? [How to Prevent It]

In Home Security, How Tos, Security Cameras by Tim Brennan

In this post, I answer a slightly scary question: do Ring video doorbells get stolen? The short answer is yes of course! But take a few simple precautions and you can dramatically reduce the chances of having your smart doorbells go missing. Let’s take a peek. Ding Dong. Record. ideo doorbell cameras do significantly improve your home security and give you added peace …

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Ring Pro vs August vs Eufy: 3 Best Alexa Compatible Video Doorbells

In Amazon Alexa, Home Security, Security Cameras by Tim Brennan

It’s Ring Pro vs August vs Eufy in an epic video doorbell showdown! In this article, I review the three best Alexa-compatible video doorbells [one works with Google Assistant too].  I’ll compare them side by side, provide mini-reviews of each product, list out some key similarities and differences, and also provide a detailed specification table. Just want to know the …

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How To Prevent Alexa from Recording You [Step By Step]

In Amazon Alexa, Home Security, How Tos, Reviews by Tim Brennan

In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of how you can prevent Alexa from recording private conversations [step by step]. dropcap]O[/dropcap]K, ok, try to simmer down. You probably heard the news that Amazon employees can to listen to your private conversations with Alexa. And now you’re grumpy ?. While I have known that Amazon saves our recorded conversations …