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The 5 Best Alexa Outdoor Speakers for 2022

In Amazon Alexa, Music & Audio by Tim Brennan

In this article, I compare the five very best Alexa outdoor speakers that you can buy right now. I’ll include some great-sounding options for beach, yard, pool, deck, and patio. This way, Alexa can help you get your groove on while you are chilling outside. If you simply want to know the best Alexa speakers for the outdoors, they are: …

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Echo Studio vs Echo Sub: Oh Yeah, Alexa’s Got Bass!

In Amazon Alexa, Music & Audio by Tim Brennan

In this overdue post, I happily compare my two favorite Amazon speakers: Echo Studio vs Echo Sub. I’ll review the similarities and differences, pros and cons, and compare them side-by-side in a full-specs comparison table. If you simply want to know the main differences between the two, here they are: Echo Studio is a full-functioning Alexa speaker that delivers premium …

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Echo Studio vs Echo Plus: Which Sounds Better in 2022?

In Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Music & Audio by Tim Brennan

In this post, I’ll compare the similarities and differences between the Amazon Echo Studio vs Echo Plus smart speakers with Alexa and premium audio. If you simply want to know the key differences between Echo Studio vs Echo Plus, here they are: The larger Echo Studio features Dolby Atmos processing and more audio hardware with three 2″ midrange speakers, a …

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How To Fix Alexa Multi-Room Music Not Working [Solved]

In Amazon Alexa, How Tos, Music & Audio by Tim Brennan

In this article, I’ll give you some advice on how to fix Alexa multiroom music when the “Everywhere” group stops working. I’ll provide some quick steps right up front that should resolve the issue for most, some step-by-step instructions with screenshots if you want some handholding, and then a full-blown “start from scratch” procedure you can try if all else …

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Amazon Nebula vs Sonos Beam: Does Alexa Raise the Bar?

In Home Theater, Music & Audio, Recommendations by Tim Brennan

In the post, I’ll explore the similarities and differences of Amazon Nebula vs Sonos Beam smart soundbars, both of which have Amazon Alexa built-in. Until now, Sonos has had arguably the best and most popular soundbar with Alexa, the Sonos Beam. Does Amazon’s new Nebula soundbar unseat Sonos? Here’s a quick summary of the main differences: While the Nebula includes …

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Airpods vs Earpods: What’s the Better Fit For You?

In Music & Audio, Recommendations, Smart Home Gym, Smart Home Office by Tim BrennanLeave a Comment

In this post, I explain the differences between Apple Airpods 2 vs Earpods earbuds. In a rush and just want to know the main differences between the two? Apple Airpods are wireless and Apple Earpods are wired. Airpods come in two models: one with a wireless charging case and the other with a standard wired case. Wireless charging gives you …