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Atomi Space Heater Review: A Hot Smart Tower for 2022

In HVAC & Power, Reviews by Tim Brennan

In this unabashed Atomi space heater review, I am happy to share the full deets on what I think is hot (and what is not) with this high-tech portable heater from Atomi. Read on to find out if this heater is ‘smart’ enough to fit your needs, budget, and space requirements. Got Heat? ot heat? No? Well, then you better …

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Echo Dot 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen [Cool LCD Clock Update 2022]

In Echo Dot, Reviews by Tim Brennan

Summary: This article provides a detailed review and comparison of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen model. It includes a helpful comparison chart highlighting differences between Amazon’s two most popular smart speakers. So what’s the difference between the 3rd Generation and 2nd Generation Dot? The 3rd Generation Dot outshines the 2nd Gen Dot in nearly every way, except …

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Echo Show 5 vs 2nd Gen: Five Key Differences in 2022

In Echo Show, Reviews by Tim Brennan

One of my favorite Alexa devices is the Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation. Lately, I’ve been thinking about adding a smaller Show 5 to my bedstand, and this got me wondering about the differences between the devices, so I did a bunch of research. Here’s a summary: The major differences between Echo Show 5 vs 2nd Gen are Echo Show …

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Philips Hue vs Shelly Vintage: Which Smart Edison Bulb Is Best?

In Reviews, Smart Lights by Tim Brennan

In this article, I compare six cool-looking retro LED smart filament bulbs: Philips Hue vs Shelly Vintage. In this corner, we have Goliath “Philips” Hue. And in the opposing corner is the underdog upstart “Shelly USA. “ Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmmble. Live Like A 1950’s Bank Manager hether you are into traditional style home décor or just want to …