The Best Indoor / Outdoor Home Security Cameras & Systems [Not In 2019 Consumer Reports]

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Quick Summary:  We are tracking the best wireless and wired home security cameras under $50 / $100 /$200 on Amazon. These include great products from Wyze, Blink, Ring, and others. While you will find a few of these in Consumer Reports, we provide more options.  We’ve included our picks for both indoor and outdoor cameras as well as a few picks for video doorbells & alarms.

Affordable Security Cameras, Alarms, & Doorbells for 2019

Call them what you like: nanny cams, pet cams, or wireless home security cameras.

Whatever you want to call them, the adoption of indoor and outdoor security cameras by homeowners is a growing trend [Source: Statistica].

These neat surveillance devices for both inside and out help to prevent theft, help police catch thieves, let you watch the kids or elderly family members, and let you check up on your pets. Heck, they will even help you save money on homeowners insurance.

Best of all?

The prices on these systems has fallen so dramatically in recent months. Basic cameras that let you monitor your home using your smartphone are now within reach of virtually anyone.

Options abound on Amazon, so much so that it can be very confusing as to what to buy.

That’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll break down the best cheap home security cameras from Wyze, Blink, Netvue, Ring and others. And we’ll organize them by price starting with some very inexpensive but highly-rated and hugely popular products.

Take a Bite Out of Crime

Remember McGruff, that crime-fighting dog from the 80s?  He warned you to lock your door in order to help “take a bite out of crime.”

[Sorry about the poor video quality; this is best we could find on our friend McGruff.]

Sadly, criminals and thieves have gotten much more sophisticated these days and it will take more than lights and locked doors to stop them.

Did you know that there are 1.4 million home burglaries each year and that police solve only 13% of them due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence?

Don’t become another statistic. Get the facts with this humungous Burglary Statistics Infographic, and then get a security camera to help deter theft and catch thieves in the act!

Price Comparison Table

Here’s a table listing all of the best indoor / outdoor home security camera systems, most of which you won’t find in Consumer Reports. All of these are featured  in this review along with their price. Prices were last updated as of the date and time at the bottom of the table.  You can click on the product image to see the item on Amazon and the latest pricing.

Indoor Security Cameras

Best General Purpose Under $50: Wyze Cam v2

indoor outdoor security camera consumer reports

Value for Price

The Wyze Cam v2 from Wyze Labs offers tremendous value at a very affordable price. In fact, this is probably the best overall value of the our best home security camera systems that you won’t find in Consumer Reports. What’s more, it delivers the full set of features you would expect from a higher end camera. These include 1080p high def streaming, night vision, and two-way audio. And it works with Alexa to boot!

If you’re interested in seeing it in action, check out this helpful video from Smart Home Solver. [Nice job Reed.]

This is our pick of the best cheap home security cameras for an amazing deal.

Runner Up Under $50: EZVIZ Indoor Security Camera

security camera system consumer reports

Features and Value for Price

The EZVIZ Indoor Security Camera offers wireless IP surveillance with night vision, motion alerting, plus two-way audio and 135° wide-angle view. Footage can be stored in the Cloud and it also works with Alexa

Best Baby Monitor Under $100: Netvue WiFi Camera

best home security camera system consumer reports

Features and Value for Price

The Netvue WiFi Camera offers all of the same features of the Wyze Cam, plus it’s compatible with the Echo Show and has motion detection and internal storage. It makes an awesome baby monitor. This one of the best cheap home security cameras you can buy in 2019 bar none.

Best All-Around Under $100: Blink Indoor

best home security camera system consumer reports

Features and Value for Price

The Blink Indoor Home Security Camera also has motion detection and HD video. The battery last longer than many security cameras we have tested [2-years]. It also includes storage of video footage to the Cloud. You can see Blink’s ad below:

Certified Refurbished: Blink Indoor

best home security camera system consumer reports

If you’re willing to go the Certified Refurbished route you can save big on two Blink Indoor Cams. This could make for a pretty cool video intercom setup. Absolutely, this one of our favorite best cheap home security cameras.

Runner Up Under $100: EZVIZ Dome Camera

best home security camera systems consumer reports

Features and Value for Price

The EVIZ Dome Camera has all of the benefits of the Indoor Security Camera with great pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities as well as night vision and smart tracking.One-Touch Privacy Shutter: A privacy shutter allows you to turn on/off the lens whenever you need privacy.

Best Feature-Packed Under $150: Amazon Cloud Cam

security cameras consumer reports

Features and Value for Price

Next on our list of best cheap home security cameras for 2019 is the Amazon Cloud Cam. Amazon’s popular indoor home security camera includes all of the bells and whistles. These include: full HD, notifications, night vision, two-way audio, Alexa compatibility and more.  Plus you get a 30-day free trial of Cloud Cam Plans with Smart Alerts and advanced features like person detection, audio detection, and zones. You can also save on 2-pack and 3-pack bundles.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Best Outdoor [Single] for Under $200: xmartO Hybrid Wireless Security Camera

security cameras consumer reports

Features and Value for Price

The xmartO Hybrid Wireless Security camera system is expandable and offers exceptional pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.  It includes a 1TB with 8CH 1080p NVR, built-in audio, and 2X 960p fixed-angle view.

Best Outdoor for Under $200: Dericam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

best security systems consumer reports

Features and Value for Price

Next on our list of best cheap home security cameras is the Dericam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera. This outdoor home security camera features 4X optical zoom, auto-focus,1.3-megapixel display, and a pre-installed 32GB memory card.

Best Business System for Under $1000: Zmodo Surveillance System [Ideal for Businesses]

security cameras consumer reports

Features and Value for Price

Ideal for business or for those serious about outside security, the Zmodo Surveillance System features a 32 channel 1080p HDMI NVR surveillance system, a weatherproof sPoE security camera w/repeater,  plus 24/7 recording & remote monitoring capabilities. While this is more expensive that the other items here, it is very inexpensive full perimeter coverage video surveillance system.

Alarms and Doorbells

Best Five-Piece Alarm for Under $200: Ring Alarm

security cameras consumer reports

Features and Value for Price

Ring Alarm is a professional-grade, eight-piece home security system at a super price. And now with this great holiday deal, it really makes it hard to say no to this alarm system. The alarm can be purchased with or without Ring’s optional 24/7 monitoring.

Remember this song from Blondie?

Man, she still sounds good. Oh alright, back to the deals!

Best Video Doorbell for Around $50: EKEN Video Doorbell 2

security cameras consumer reports

Features and Value for Price

Next on our list of indoor / outdoor home security cameras not in Consumer Reports is the the EKEN Video Doorbell. This awesome doorbell makes it easy to see who’s at your front [or back or side] door. It includes a high-definition WiFi camera, plus real-time video, two-way audio, wide-angle lens, and night vision.  You can run the doorbell off of a battery if you don’t have wiring at your door.

Thanks to Poc Network for this helpful unboxing video.

Moreover, it’s motion detection app will notify you when someone comes to visit.

Here’s another video interview of Grace with Eken that gives some additional details.

Best Video Doorbell for Around $100: Ring Video Doorbell 2

security cameras consumer reports

Value for Price

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 lets you check-in on your property at anytime with live-view on-demand video.  It lets you see, hear and speak to visitors outside your home from your phone, tablet, or PC. The doorbell will send alerts as soon as motion is detected or when visitors press the doorbell. And it works with Alexa to send announcements to Echo devices when your doorbell is pressed or motion is detected, allowing you to hear and speak to visitors with two-way talk.  Set up is easy and it works with or without existing doorbell wires. Ding dong.

Best Indoor / Outdoor Home Security Camera Systems [Not in Consumer Reports] – Your Turn

So what do you think of these best cheap home security cameras for under $50 / $100 /$200?

It’s amazing how much the prices have dropped on the smart security systems in the past year.

Do you plan to purchase an indoor or outdoor camera?  How about a video doorbell or alarm?

Please leave a comment below and let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

Giant Burglary Statistics Infographic

Here’s the HUGE Burglary Statistics Infographic that we mentioned above.

Our thanks to our friends over at for letting us display it here.

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