SNOO vs Halo vs BabyBjorn, Alternatives [Smart Crib Review & Comparison]

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In the article, we’ll provide a thorough SNOO smart crib review for 2019 that includes a comparison of the SNOO vs Halo vs BabyBjorn and alternative products. We’ll explain why we recommend this smart bassinet for sleep-deprived parents who can afford it. is supported by our readers. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may earn a commission. There is no additional cost to you. Learn more.

The Bottom Line👶🍼

Before we get into our full review, here’s the bottom line. The SNOO is an outstanding choice for sleep-deprived parents who can afford one, but the price makes it a hard sell for new parents on a budget.  While the Halo crib is a good budget option choice, we like the BabyBjorn for its more stable design and the ability for parents to control the rocking motion. 

SNOO vs Halo vs BabyBjorn Quick Compare

Here’s a quick comparison of all three choices.  We’ll also present some pros and cons of each product below. And because we know you’re curious, we’ll also provide a thorough review of the SNOO.

SNOO Smart Sleeper
Premium Pick
Safety: Best (Swaddle Keeps Baby on Back)
Vibrating Motion: Yes
Breathable Mesh Design: Yes
Swinging Motion: Automatic
Soothing Sounds: Yes
Preemie and Weaning Modes:Yes
Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper
Budget Pick
Safety: Traditional Crib
Vibrating Motion: Yes
Breathable Mesh Design: Yes
Swinging Motion: No (But Swivels and Can be Positioned to Straddle Parents Bed)
Soothing Sounds: Yes
Preemie and Weaning Modes: No
Best for Most
Safety: Traditional Crib
Vibrating Motion: No
Breathable Mesh Design: Yes
Swinging Motion: Assisted (Manual, Then Moves with Baby)
Soothing Sounds: Yes
Preemie and Weaning Modes: No

Not-So-Happiest Babies

🎶 Rock-a-bye, baby
On the treetop
When the wind blows
The cradle will rock
If the bough breaks
The cradle will fall
But daddy will catch you
The cradle and all 🎵

If I had a nickel for every night I sang that familiar lullaby to rock my oldest son, Christopher to sleep, I would be a rich man.

He was one fussy customer.

snoo vs halo vs babybjorn

Not colicky per se, the kid just wouldn’t sleep.

Ultimately, my ex-wife and I  gave up and he wound up sleeping in bed with us. This went on until he was at least five or six years old.

My younger son wasn’t much of a sleeper either.

So, we pretty much had at least one kid—sometimes two—in bed with us for the better part of 10 years!

No wonder I’m divorced. LOL.

My boys are older now [20 and 17], and I can tease them about it. BUT back then I would have paid ANYTHING if someone told me a product would help my babies get to sleep on their own.

When Baby Sleeps

Oh, how I wish there was an SNOO back then.

snoo smart crib review alternatives comparison

To take a quote from SNOO’s latest advertisement, “When baby sleeps, everyone sleeps.”


Perhaps this is why visual search engine Pinterest noted smart sleepers and related products will be top trends to watch in 2019. Pinterest searches for smart bassinets were up a whopping 851% last year.

Wow, talk about trending.

In this post, we’ll take a close look at the leading smart sleeper, the SNOO Vibrating Bassinet by Happiest Baby, in our SNOO Smart Crib review.

And we’ll compare it to some lower cost alternative cribs and related products as well.

“It’s the new SNOO review, coming right at you!”

Our thanks to CNET for the helpful video review of the SNOO:

The Fuss About the SNOO Smart Sleeper / Bassinet

So, what is all the “fuss” about the SNOO Smart Sleeper?

Well, it’s actually quite special because it was designed to emulate what life is like inside a mother’s womb.

The SNOO was developed and patented by renowned sleep-expert Dr. Harvey Karp. Karp’s top-rated book and accompanying DVD “Happiest Baby on the Block” promotes the “Five S’s” of calming your baby.

The Five S’s are:

  1. Swaddle
  2. Side or Stomach Position
  3. Shush
  4. Swing
  5. Suck

You can read more about the 5 S’s in SNOO’s blog here.

When he created the SNOO, Dr. Karp’s goal was to “give babies a perfect Fourth Trimester of safe and happy sleep.”

The SNOO addresses four of the five S’s by using a patented gentle vibrating rhythm to help soothe babies to sleep naturally. And the white noise machine built into the crib was designed to emulate the noises in the womb as well.

SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby Price: $971.25 Disclosure: As an Amazon affiliate, we may earn a commission if you make a purchase from Amazon after linking from our site. Last Updated: 04/21/2019

Better still, the SNOO intelligently chooses the best degree of motion for your baby.


Yup, when a baby starts to fuss, the vibrations are gently enhanced until the baby calms. Then, they readjust accordingly when the baby is sleeping brilliantly. Parents claim that the SNOO has helped them and their children go from 2-3 hours at a stretch up until 8 to 10 hours.

You can see a nice demonstration of the SNOO’s features in this ad from Happiest Baby:

Wow. What a difference.

Some might even say this is “one smart crib.” Yuk, yuk 😜.

It might even make me want another baby. Wait…what 😲 ??!!!

Let’s continue our SNOO smart crib review.

SNOO Smart Crib Review: The 6th “S”= Safety First

The SNOO is one of the safest smart cribs available today. Bar none.

Your baby is secured inside of a protective swaddle called the SNOO Sack.

The swaddle sack has “wings” and safety clips attached to the side of the sleeper.

This helps to eliminate the risk of rolling and side/stomach sleeping, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to help prevent SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths.

In fact, SNOO claims it is the only sleep solution to keep baby safely on her or his back.

Here’s one mother’s honest opinion [thanks for sharing Britt!]:

The SNOO Smart Sleeper: Pros and Cons


In this section of our SNOO Smart Crib review, we’ll summarize some of the key pros that make the SNOO truly a smart sleeper:

  • Breathable Mesh Design:
    The light, soft and breathable fabric mesh crib walls help to ensure optimum environmental comfort. This is much unlike the hard plastic “bars” that sided the cribs we had for my kids back in the day.
  • Built-in White Noise Machine:
    The SNOO delivers various types of white noise. One example sounds very close to what you experience the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat in the Ultrasound room. Neat.
  • Sound Sensors:
    The sound sensors are what will alert you when your baby starts to fuss.
  • Vibrating and Swinging Motions:
    In addition to vibrating, the crib also provides a soothing gentle swinging motion, simulating that rocking chair you’re currently sitting on for half the night. I know I did!
  • SNOO Mobile App:
    The SNOO app tracks the baby’s sleep, and it alerts you when your baby starts to fuss. It also allows you to adjust motion sensitivity from the comfort of your own bed or anywhere else. You can even monitor your baby’s sleep when you’re not at home (e.g., the babysitter is in charge).
  • Preemie Mode:
    SNOO’s preemie mode and weaning option provide gentler rocking for tiny babies. It can block fast speeds completely until your baby reaches an established maturity date. The setting can be toggled on and off in the app.
  • Weaning Mode:
    The weaning mode is designed to gently scale back rocking and vibrations when you are ready to transition baby to a crib. White noise is still provided, and you can eliminate vibrations completely when you are ready. SNOO recommends beginning the weaning process around 6 months, but this will, of course, depend on when your child is ready.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:
    SNOO provides a 30-day money back guarantee. If you plan to take the crib out of the country, be sure to check the details of the warranty. Some customers have complained that it becomes void if you leave the U.S.
  • Safety Features:
    A final note on safety – many parents claim to feel deeply comforted knowing that the SNOO is rated as one of the safest cribs around. The stellar reviews on Amazon and elsewhere seem to back this up. The protective swaddle can limit the baby at first but parents get on board right away after realizing that the baby is comfortable and safe inside the swaddle. SNOO even has WIFI shielding and blue light emission protection to protect your child from any perceived dangers related to “wifi radiation.”


While it’s hard to find anything bad to say about the functionality of this crib, there are a few things you may want to consider.

  • The Price – This is the most obvious one. Shelling out over a $1k for a crib is simply not an option for many parents, no matter how sleep deprived.
  • The Baby Straight Jacket Effect – Some parents complain that the swaddle resembles a little straight jacket and takes some getting used to initially. Nearly all SNOO owners, however, report that once the initial concern passes, they feel that their baby is safer for it.
  • SNOO Guilt – Some parents report feeling guilty about relying too heavily on the SNOO as a sleep nurse. To them I say rubbish!  LOL. If you want to bond with your baby at bedtime, by all means, do so. Then, put that child down in the SNOO, and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. 😴💤

What’s in the Box

The SNOO comes with:

  • 1 SNOO crib base
  • Four legs
  • 1 mattress
  • 1 fitted sheet
  • One small, one medium, and one large swaddle (called a SNOO Sack)
  • Power cable and cable guide
  • Documentation

Setting Up the Snoo

Set up is super simple. You just:

  1. Flip the base upside down.
  2. Snap each leg into the base.
  3. Screw in the knows to secure the legs.

You can see the full SNOO User Guide here [PDF file will open in new tab].

Parent Reviews

There are tons of satisfied parent reviews and testimonials on Amazon and elsewhere.

You can see some of them in SNOO’s ad here:

While of course, this is an ad, these parents do seem entirely genuine.

In this related SNOO Smart Crib review, a new father logs his full experience with the SNOO’s ability to calm his fussy daughter in detail over 30 days.

Competing Cribs and Bassinets

Truth be told, we couldn’t find an actual smart sleeper crib product that competes with the likes of SNOO. No other product intelligently detects when your baby is fussing and adjusts motion and responds accordingly. However, there are some additional cradles that vibrate and let you control the rocking motion.

Halo Bassinest

These include the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper.  The HALO Bassinest includes a “Soothing Center” with 3 soothing sounds, 3 lullabies, and vibration with a 30-minute cutoff. Its ergonomic design also lets you cradle the cradle across your bed, so baby can sleep in their own bed beside mom and dad.

snoo vs halo vs babybjorn


A more manual option with a similar design is the BABYBJORN Cradle.

snoo smart crib review alternatives comparison

The BABYBJORN requires you to rock the baby manually. It is light and turns the newborn’s movements into a gentle rocking motion.  This is the lightest of the three cribs here, making moving it from room to room easier.

If you happen across a better competing product, please write to us and let us know so we can add it here.

Other Options

There are also several products that will add vibrating and calming capabilities to an existing crib or bassinet.

We’ll list a few of them below.

Smart Soothers and Vibration Devices

Halo SnoozyPod

The Halo Snoozypod attaches to the crib’s mattress causing it to vibrate. One benefit is that it can stay with your child when they move on to larger cribs/ child beds.  The Snoozypod has two levels of gentle vibration that fades after a 30-minute timer expires. [ This helps to makes sure you child won’t startle after the vibration stops. ] Makes a great shower gift.

Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad

snoo smart crib review alternatives comparison

The Munchkin Lulla-Vibe soft ping-pong-paddle-like device tucks underneath or beside your baby’s mattress causing it to vibrate.

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

Baby Shusher can be placed inside a crib or anywhere really to calm a fussy baby. Kinda creepy how it actually says “Shhhhhhhhh!” But hey, whatever works!

SwaddleMe Good Vibes Vibrating Crib Wedge

snoo vs halo vs babybjorn

SwaddleMe Good Vibes is a vibrating inclined mattress wedge that helps infants comfortably transition from inclined sleepers to the crib.

Even More Alternatives Available

There are also many white noise makers available of varying price and functionality. We review some of these also with other baby products in our post, 11 Super Smart Baby and Toddler Room Tech Gadget Gift Ideas.

SNOO Smart Crib Review: What Do You Think?

We hope you found our SNOO smart crib review helpful.

Do you plan on purchasing the SNOO to help with your sleep deprivation? Or is the expense just too great where you might pursue other options?

Either way, you’ve got to agree that this is one innovative baby product that can help parents and babies alike.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Please leave a comment below, and share this with other parents if you found it useful.

By the way, did you get our 80s [70s?] reference to the New Zoo Review kids TV show at the start of this post?  Many young parents probably won’t know it.

BUT, before there was Barney & Friends and the Teletubbies, there was the New Zoo Review.

Yup, I found the owl and hippo equally disturbing! But the frog was pretty cool.

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