11 Early Prime Day Smart Home Deals [2022 Tracker]

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I am now tracking the latest early Prime Day smart home deals for 2022.

Prime Day 2022: Two Days of Deals

prime-day-smart-home-deals-2Hey Amazon, enough with the false advertising already! Prime “Day” for the past two years has really been two days.

But I like it. A lot.

So when is Prime Day 2022, you ask? This year Amazon’s annual two-day “parade of deals” is July 12 and 13.

However, some deals are already going on now in early celebration of the event.

You can 👉 See the Early Deals Right Here!

There are already some EPIC deals on security cameras, video doorbells, mesh Wi-Fi systems, and of course Amazon Alexa devices.


This year I will be in the market for a new robot vacuum, a drone, and maybe a Fire TV. Here is an amazing deal on a 55″ Fire TV that is already on sale at a huge discount! You will need to click through to Amazon to see the up-to-the-minute sale price.

I’m tempted to snatch this up now.

Prime Day Tips and Tricks

With a week to go, the hype has once again hit a fever pitch with many YouTuber’s weighing in with tips and advice for “hacking” Prime Day.

For example, check out this video from USA Today (published last year but still relevant):

And here are some great tips from Tom’s Guide (one of my favorite tech YouTube channels). You should consider subscribing to mine.

Here’s a short vertical video I just published that shows how you can get use Alexa to get some early deals even before Prime Day begins:

Prime Day Smart Home Deals Tracker

Like last year, this year I am also providing you (or is it me? LOL) with a smart home deals tracker to make it easy to track the deals.

As of this writing, there are already significant discounts off the list price on several Alexa devices, home security equipment, Fire TV devices, actual TVs, and more. You can also get some great deals right now on certified refurbished and “renewed” products. I’ll include a few of those here as well.

It is likely but hard to say for sure whether Amazon will discount these more steeply on Prime Day.

See the table below for the latest deals I’m currently tracking. Click Check Price to see the live price at Amazon.

Not yet a Prime member? Get your Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial here.

Prime Day Smart Home Deals: Your Turn

So what do you think about these early Prime Day smart home deals?  Do you think Prime Day is going to be epic this year?

I sure hope so.

Do you plan to buy any of the products featured in my smart home tracker?  Is there a product that you want that I didn’t include?

If so, leave me a comment below and I will consider adding it.

I would love to hear from you.

Oh, and you found this article useful, would you mind sharing it via one of our social links?

Happy soon-to-be Prime Day! 🙂

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