Smart Nora vs 10minds vs Nitetronic Anti-Snore Pillows [2024]

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In this post, I pit Smart Nora vs 10minds vs Nitetronic in an epic anti-snore pillow comparison. My mission?  To help you get a better night’s sleep—and maybe even stay out of the doghouse.

anti-snore-pillow-comparison-e1581801639845-3596569Oh, all right. I admit it. I snore. Big time.

In fact, my snoring is so bad it is almost definitely the cause of at least one breakup over the course of my 50 years on planet earth.

Yup, that bad!

Until recently, I’ve been in a state of denial. That is, until my current girlfriend told me that it NEEDS to be addressed.

She recommended that I get some awful mouthpiece called Zyppah that I would insert into my mouth before bed every night. Yikes!

Now, that sounds about as romantic as a root canal.

So, I started thinking, there has got to be something better than that or one of those awful nose-pinching devices that you can get at your local drugstore.

Smart Home Tech to the Rescue?

As a smart home enthusiast, I figured I’d take a look and see if there is a way that smart home tech could help to address my ahem, problem.

I was a bit shocked and a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of “smart” options out there that can help with snoring.


From smart beds, sleep pods, and mattresses to sleep trackers to anti-snoring and sleep apnea devices—options abound.

Some of it seems like snake oil [and judging from some of the customer reviews on Amazon, I’m right].

But i think I have arrived at the best decision. That is, to invest a smart anti-snoring pillow.

What is a Smart Anti-Snoring Pillow?

stop snoring

A smart anti-snoring pillow is basically a pillow that has “airbags” or the equivalent inside. The pillow works in conjunction with a hub or solution box to detect when you are snoring and then adjust your head position to help you breathe more freely. This in, turn helps to stop the snoring.

Although they are bit on the pricey side, smart anti-snoring pillows are certainly cheaper than smart beds or pods and many full-blown CPAP machines. No…they won’t cure sleep apnea, but they have been proven to stop snoring for many satisfied customers and their happier bedtime buddies.


All of my picks featured here are well-rated with loads of success stories.

Most importantly, this seems to be the most practical and how shall I put—less invasive—option.

Man, anything to prevent me from wearing that horrendous mouth guard!

There are some other options that make a smart pillow smart, such as sleep tracking. I will do my best to summarize those below.

But first, a few stats about snoring!

Snoring by the Numbers

snoring impacts sleep

This is pretty crazy.  Snoring is nothing short of an epidemic that impacts sleep (and relationships) for not just men but loads of men and women around the world.

Funny this is, most people just live with it and the sleepless nights that affect them and their partners.

That’s pretty sad.

This new breed of smart devices is hoping to change that and judging from the way they are trending it looks like they are on the right track.

I’ll get into the details of all four anti-snoring pillows in a sec, but first I thought I would share some “eye-opening” statistics:

  • Snoring affects approximately 90 million American adults — 37 million on a regular basis. [Source: Sleep Foundation]
  • About 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women are habitual snorers.[Source]
  • 25% of people snore on a regular basis, and the volume of an average snore is 38 decibels. [Source:]
  • Less than 3% of women in their 20s reported habitual snoring. Women age 60 and older were less likely to report habitual snoring than women in their 50s [Source: WebMD]

So, my fellow snorer, or partner of one, it appears we are in good company!

OK, now that we know we aren’t alone, let’s work on addressing the matter with a fluffy new smart pillow.  But which pillow should you buy?  And what features should you look for?

What Makes a Smart Pillow Smart?

snoring definition

A host of innovative companies are jamming a ton of smart tech into that rectangular thing that you lay your head down on each night.

Some of the more common smart pillow features include:

  • Sleep tracking and analysis
  • Snore detection and prevention.
  • Wireless music streaming (I kid you not.)
  • Personal alarm clock (my girlfriend would love this!)
  • Smart-home assistant integration (Alexa, Google Assistant, and even IFTTT)

Some pillows even ship with a separate hub or controller that is used to automate key functions.  Seriously? A smart hub your pillow? Yup.

Do Anti-Snoring Pillows Really Work?

anti snoring pillows
Based on my extensive research of these products that included pouring over product reviews, customer testimonials, and surveys out in the anti-snoring forums on Reddit and Quora, these are working for many snorers.

Some say that there is a dramatic reduction in snoring, others say that it eliminated snoring entirely, a few people said it didn’t work at all, and at least a few reviewers have called them “a God send” and “relationship savers.”

Good news, and we shall see.

What is the Best Anti-Snoring Pillow?

While there are certainly other options than these here, in my survey of around 20 smart pillows, I’ve narrowed down by choices to these three:

  • NiteTronic Goodnight [Gold Award]
  • Smart Nora [Silver Award]
  • 10 Minds Smart Pillow [Bronze Award]

While the best pillow is going to depend on your unique preferences, I feel that the best of these is the NiteTronic Goodnight pillow. It automatically detects when you are snoring and then gently nudges your head to prevent it. It also has sleep tracking as well as snore tracking, apps for both iPhone and Android, and it is more affordable than the other options listed here.

best anti snoring pillow

Where to Buy A Smart Anti-Snoring Pillow

As an Amazon associate, I started my search on Amazon and found at least one highly rated smart pillow there.  But as I started to dig further, my research led me to a couple of newer-to-market products that haven’t made their way to Amazon yet.

You can securely purchase these directly from the companies that make them. I will include links to all three of my picks below. These are affiliate links so I will earn a small commission if you purchase through my links.  It helps me to keep this blog alive, so I would appreciate it greatly if you do!

Full disclosure:  I haven’t actually gone ahead and purchased one of these yet myself. BUT I am going to put in my order tonight. I will let you know which product I am buying at the end of this post and will share my results in a separate post.  However, I have done a TON of research on the leading smart pillows so I figured I would share that with you here, especially if you are on the brink of another break-up like me.

🏆 Gold Pick: NiteTronic Goodnite [My Favorite]


What first caught my attention about the NiteTronic Goodnight pillow is that the company bills it as “The Best Non-Invasive” anti-snore solution. I immediately thought, sold! LOL. But all joking aside, this pillow has all of the makings of a more restful and quiet night’s sleep. Further, the company has gone out of its way to do a ton of sleep studies to prove that it is “clinically proven” to work. It also just looks comfortable and kind of like the pillow I am using now. Customers say that the pillow may be a bit hard for some, but I actually like a hard pillow, which I am told is better for my back. I also like that they have this image on their homepage with the caption “say no to invasive snoring solutions.”


Sorry, Patty. I really don’t want to wear one of these things!

Customer reviews include “Never slept better” and “My wife rates it a thumbs up!” LOL.

Here is Nitetronic’s overview of how its pillow works along with a comparison to other anti-snore solutions:

And here is the CEO’s pitch for the product:

new_nitetronic_ant-snore_pillow_pad_345x-1771454I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something that I like about this company. Honestly can be refreshing.


  • Gently nudges your head so you stop snoring.
  • NT Sleep Smartphone App, you can monitor your sleep time and quality, as well as your snoring time and intensity.
  • Can we used independently or without the app, which may be a good fit for some “older” snorers [like my mom!]
  • The company offers a generous 15-day trial.
  • Apps for Android and iPhone.
  • More affordable than other options here.
  • Many customers say they note an improvement in sleep quality.


  • Harder pillow may take getting used to for those who like soft.
  • $50 restocking fee if you return the pillow after the trial.

The NiteTronic Goodnite pillow is currently $195 and available at for secure online ordering.

🥈 Silver Pick: 10minds Anti-Snore Pillow [Close Runner Up]

The 10minds Smart Pillow is about as star trek as a pillow can get. Once you get it set up, it intelligently senses where your head is positioned on the pillow. Then once snoring sound is detected, the four airbags inflate, gently turning the user’s head. For me, I liked that the emphasis is on the word gentle here. Customers seem to agree, and at least one reviewer referred to the pillow as a game-changer. The pillow is a significant investment. As of this writing, there is an instant coupon that you can apply to the sale right on the Amazon product page for a significant discount so don’t miss out on that if it is available.


  • You can get it right at Amazon [qualifies for Prime].
  • Lots of positive customer testimonials on Amazon.
  • Includes a quality, memory foam “heat-dissipation” pillow as well as the Solution Box (hub).
  • The company claims an efficacy rate of over 90%.
  • Gently rotates head then lowers it back to the original position.
  • It’s quiet (35db).
  • The app lets you track and analyze snoring patterns over time.
  • Ability to adjust sensitivity and height.


  • Memory foam may take some getting used to for those used to down (feather) pillows.

You can watch 10minds ad spot for their pillow here:

You can check the latest price on Amazon here: 10minds, Anti-Snore Pillow.

🥉 Bronze Award: Smart Nora [Works With Your Pillow]

smart nora vs 10minds vs nitetronic

The Bronze award in my comparison of Smart Nora vs 10minds vs Nitetronic goes to Smart Nora. For around $330, Smart Nora works a lot like the other two pillows featured here. The Smart Nora uses Bluetooth to identify when you are snoring and then gently raises your head. This is a very well-designed product that comes with a pump, oblong mouse-like microphone, charger, and a plastic inflatable insert that you slip inside your existing pillow.

On the high setting, it will elevate your head around four inches and on low about three inches. If you are a late-night TV watcher or enjoy playing music while you fall asleep, you can adjust the microphone sensitivity to the low setting. However, the device is more effective in a quiet bedroom according to several customer reports.

You can order Smart Nora at the company’s website.


  • Works with your favorite pillow
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • High and low setting for pillow
  • Ability to adjust microphone sensitivity too


  • It’s more expensive than my two other picks
  • Can’t hug or flip the pillow with Smart Nora inside
  • Might wake up light sleepers
  • Doesn’t include a pillow


The Sleep Judge has a nice video review of Smart Nora including an overview of the setup process.

Smart Nora vs 10minds vs Nitetronic: Which Will You Choose?

So in the decision between Smart Nora vs 10minds vs Nitetronic, which smart anti-snoring pillow do you like best?

Purchasing any pillow, especially a smart pillow, is a personal decision.  I like the Nitetronic because of its full set of features and the price point is at a place that I can stomach. I plan to order mine tonight.

Are you also a snorer?  Do you think one of these devices will help? Please leave me a comment below and let me know.

In the meantime, I hope you sleep well. Good night for now.

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