echo show 8 2021 vs 2019 2nd gen vs 1st gen

Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 [2nd Gen vs 1st]: Showdown!

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In this article, I am going to do a deep dive comparison of Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 models.

Alexa 8-Inch Smart Screen Showdown

echo show 8 2021 vs 2019I’ve been using the Echo Show 8 2019 model on my bedside table for over a year, so this got me thinking about how the Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 model measures up. Would it be worth me upgrading to the new 2021 model?

Let’s take a closer look.

Here is a quick breakdown of the major similarities and differences:

The 7.9”W x 5.4”H x 3.9”D design of both displays is identical with an 8-inch screen and fabric wrapper available in Charcoal or Glacier White. While they both have Alexa built-in, the 2021 Show has an 8-core MediaTek processor vs 4-core, plus a better 13MP vs 5MP camera with pan and zoom capability. The 2021 Show is also made from recyclable materials.

Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019: Tech Specs

The following table illustrates the main difference between the two:

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The design of both speakers is exactly the same, save for a few design improvements on the inside (more on this shortly). On the outside, both the 2021 and 2019 models measure 7.9 inches wide, 5.4 inches tall, and 3.9 inches deep (200.4 x 135.9 x 99.1mm).

They both also have the same fabric outer wrapper available in Charcoal and Glacier White. Both also have slots in the bottom where you can attach a magnetic stand sold separately. I added a stand to mine.

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Here is a pic of what my Echo Show 8 looks like on my bedside table. I love this little device.


My Echo Show 8

I’ll include a link in an Amazon box (affiliate link) to the new Echo Show 2021 (2nd Gen) model below:


The display features of the Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 (2nd Gen vs 1st Gen) are identical. Both models have an 8-inch diagonal display with a resolution of 1280 x 800. This vibrant color touchscreen effectively showcases weather forecasts, to-do lists, and recipes.

Additionally, the Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 (2nd Gen vs 1st Gen) displays are perfect for streaming Netflix shows and YouTube videos. You can also personalize them with photos and screensavers, giving it a touch of home..

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The Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 (2nd Gen vs 1st Gen) have a similar speaker configuration. Both models have two 2.0” neodymium speakers with a passive bass radiator. The audio quality is commendable on both the Echo Show 8 2021 and 2019 models. A helpful tip to enhance the audio is to use a stand.

However, there’s a notable change concerning the audio output jack. For the Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 (2nd Gen vs 1st Gen), Amazon has eliminated the audio output jack from the 2021 model. If you’re keen on using wired speakers with your Echo Show, you’ll want to opt for the 2019 model.

CNET has an honest video of the new Echo Show 8 out on YouTube. I’ll embed it below:

If you aren’t sold on the upgrades with the newer Echo Show, here’s a link to the older 2019 1st Gen model:


Regarding the camera, the Echo Show 8 2021 model surpasses the 2019 model. The 2021 version boasts a 13MP camera compared to the 5MP camera on the Echo Show 2019. The Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 (2nd Gen vs 1st Gen) comparison thus leans towards the 2021 model for video calling.

The 2021 model also includes pan and zoom technology, which keeps you in the frame during video calls, a feature not present in the Echo Show 2019.

echo show 8 2021 vs 2019

The higher resolution camera is also nice if you use your Echo Show as a baby monitor.

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echo show 8 2021 vs 2019 processorThe key upgrade in the Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 (2nd Gen vs 1st Gen) is the processor. The 2019 model may sometimes require you to repeat commands, which can be frustrating.

However, the 2021 model’s MediaTek 8183 eight-core chip ensures responsiveness and speed for both voice commands and the touchscreen.


Both Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 (2nd Gen vs 1st Gen) offer similar privacy features, including a mic/camera off button and a built-in camera shutter. According to Amazon, these features offer “transparency and control over the whole Alexa experience.”

You can also delete all your voice recordings that Amazon saves.

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In the Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 (2nd Gen vs 1st Gen) comparison, if you’re environmentally conscious, the 2021 model is the better option. Amazon’s 2021 model embraces sustainability with the display and packaging made from recyclable materials such as wooden fibers, recycled plastics, fabrics, and die-cast aluminum.

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Verdict: Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019

While there’s a modest difference in feature upgrades between the Echo Show 8 2021 vs 2019 (2nd Gen vs 1st Gen), the improved performance of the 2021 model makes it a worthy investment. The 2019 model may occasionally be less responsive than you’d prefer, but the 2021 model, with its advanced processor and improved camera, makes a compelling case for an upgrade. Therefore, when considering the Echo Show 2021 vs 2019 (2nd Gen vs 1st Gen), the 2021 model presents a more appealing choice.

I am confident that the performance gains alone will make this a worthwhile investment, especially as Amazon moves to more processing on the device instead of in the Cloud.

I’ll leave you with some additional thoughts on upgrading via this YouTube video from Tech Nuovo:

Love the Doctor Evil reference. Oh, be-have!


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