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Echo Show 10 vs 15: Is Bigger Better in 2024?

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In this article, I’ll break down all of the key differences between the Amazon Echo Show 10 vs 15 smart speakers with screens from Amazon. Oh, and I’ll cover the similarities too.

Here is a quick breakdown of the major differences:

Echo Show 10 has a 10″ screen, a better 13MP camera, better sound, auto-framing, motion tracking, and a built-in Zigbee hub. In contrast, Echo Show 15 has a larger 15″ display, a 5MP camera, is wall-mountable, and no hub, but it offers customizable on-screen widgets. Amazon announced Show 15 would soon have the ability to display Fire TV and be controlled by the Alexa voice remote.

Echo Show 10 vs 15: Showdown

I have an Echo Show 2nd Gen and a Facebook Portal Plus in my kitchen, and I love them. I dig the way the Echo Show 2nd Gen sounds as part of my multiroom music, and Portal Plus’s giant screen is great for recipes and video calls.

Echo Show 10 vs 15

9 million others have been enjoying their smart displays, too. One recent study predicted a CAGR of 32% from 2021 to 2026 [source: Modor Intelligence]. That’s some crazy adoption.

Call me obsessed, but I bought both the Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 15 to compare them with the other displays I own and provide reviews here and over on my YouTube channel. (Please subscribe!)

While I haven’t taken Show 15 out of the box just yet, I did some extensive research on both devices in preparation for this blog post.  And I will also update this post very soon with more details about the one I like best.

Will the Echo Show 15 or 10 unseat my Echo Show 2nd Gen and Facebook Portal Plus currently sitting on my counter?  I think a Show 15 on my wall will complement my current setup rather than replace it.

I realize that buying all these devices is simply not an option (or practical) for many of you. I plan to break down all the differences in my blog and on YouTube to help you make a better decision.

Other screens aside, let’s get into my in-depth comparison of Echo Show 10 vs 15 together.

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Echo Show 10 vs 15: Comparison Table

The following table compares key tech specs of the Echo Show 10 vs 15 side by side.

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Echo Show 15 Mini Review

Larger, Wall-Mountable Screen with Customizable Widgets 

The biggest changes in the new Echo Show 15 are its flat-screen-TV-like form factor and its larger screen. The display now measures a whopping five inches bigger than the 10, coming from an impressive 10-inch screen. This makes it perfect for those who want to fit more information on one screen or simply want a larger display.

The Echo Show 15 has a new form, moving from a countertop device to a wall-mounted picture-frame option with support for both landscape and portrait modes. The Echo Show 10’s flagship motion-sensing swivel action is also unavailable in the Show 15 model.

Amazon also did not include a woofer in the Echo Show 15, which was a part of the large speaker at the base of the Echo 10. Instead, it has two larger 1.6″ tweeters installed at the back of the frame.

The new device is augmented with a few dramatic software upgrades, like the visual personification identification system. This can detect different members of your household and display information personalized for them. I also like the new customizable widgets feature. I am a big to-do list guy, and I live by my calendar, so being able to display these prominently on Show 15 is a big draw for me.


  • Larger screen.
  • Wall-mountable frame design, can be used with a compatible stand if you want to use it on a countertop.
  • Portrait Mode compatibility.
  • Visual ID personalization enabled.
  • Full HD screen resolution.
  • Fire TV and Alexa remote support being added


  • 5 MP Camera is a considerable downgrade from the Show 10.
  • No built-in woofer.
  • No built-in Zigbee Hub
  • No motion tracking.
  • Requires special mount to rotate between portrait and landscape mode.

Bottom line

Echo Show 15 is an excellent device for those looking to upgrade their current Echo Show with a larger display at the same price point as before.

I love the widgets and the fact that this can be used as a smart chalkboard-like Hub for members of your household.

However, I feel that the lack of a woofer system and built-Zigbee support is a bit of a letdown.

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Echo Show 10 Mini Review

Better Sound, Better Camera, Auto-Framing, & Zigbee

There are many things to love about the Echo Show 10. I am especially a big fan of the auto-framing and motion functionality that always keeps you front and center. I mean, who doesn’t like being the center of attention? But seriously, this is great if you make video calls from the device, as I sometimes do.

The Echo Show 10 follows you if you are talking to it across the room and moves to face you when alerted by its hey Alexa wake word. I find this especially convenient when I talk to my nerdy Alexa friends. It is also great for recipes in the kitchen, so I can keep my hands free while I cook.

Another thing to love is that the Echo Show 10 comes with two 1″ tweeters and a 3″ woofer. The Alexa Show 10 sounds significantly better than the Echo Show 15 and even my 2nd Gen Show. This would mean a nice sound upgrade for my multi-room music setup.

Amazon also includes Zigbee support in this model. The Echo Show 10 includes a built-in Zigbee “hub” that works with smart home devices from many leading brands. This will save you money in needing to buy a separate Hub to control smart lights, like Philips Hue, for example.


  • Better 13 MP camera compared to the 5 MP in Echo Show 15.
  • Auto framing and motion tracking.
  • The 2 one-inch tweeters, plus a three-inch woofer have vastly better sound quality than Echo Show 15.
  • A built-in Zigbee hub lets you add some smart devices with the need for a 3rd party hub.


  • No customizable widgets on the display (yet)
  • No support for Amazon Fire TV OS (yet)
  • Lower screen resolution than Echo Show 15 (but negiblble to the human eye on the smaller screen)

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Echo 10 vs 15: The Verdict

The Amazon Echo Show remains one of my favorite smart home devices.

With the underlying software and basic functionality remaining the same, the new Echo Show 15 manages to deliver not only a new photo-frame format but also packs a powerful punch with its new wall-mountable design, high-quality screen, plus the addition of widgets and visual identification personalization.

When comparing Echo Show 10 vs 15, each serves a unique purpose. The Echo Show 10 will give you that hands-free audio-video experience with its auto-framing feature, 13 MP camera, and inbuilt woofer system, while the Echo Show 10 serves as a wall-mount family hub that keeps track of your calendars, notes other automation tasks.

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I could see the Echo Show 15 hanging from the wall that faces the entryway to my kitchen. This way, I could see my calendar and to-dos for the day as I entered the kitchen.

echo show 10 vs 15

Entryway to my kitchen

And the Show 10 is going on my kitchen counter (to replace my 2nd Gen Show, which I will trade in). This way, I can use it for occasional video calls and help with cooking and routines.

echo show 10 vs 15

My Echo Show 2nd Gen has served me well

Having an Echo Show 10 in the kitchen will also let me maintain (and even improve) the great-sounding multi-room music configuration I am currently getting with my Echo Show 2nd Gen.

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The Bottom Line

Comparing Echo Show 10 vs 15, Echo Show 10 is the best Echo Show you can buy today for your kitchen counter. Its key smarts include motion tracking, a built-in Zigbee hub, and premium sound – all of which the Echo Show 15 lack.

If I had to choose, I would say the Echo Show 10 is the better overall upgrade from the earlier generation Show devices. If you want to use the Show as a primary speaker and a smart hub, I’d recommend the Show 10 thanks to its better sound, built-in Zigbee, and much better camera.

At the end of the day, if you want a new smart display with great screen quality and super voice assistance functionality, then pick up either one of these displays.

It really depends on your personal choice and how important some extra features like higher screen resolution or wall mounting capability are to you personally. For a busy household, Show 15’s family hub style and interface and features could be a game changer.

Stay tuned.


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