Philips Hue Play Vs Bloom Vs Go Vs Iris: Smart Light Play Time!

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hue play vs go vs bloom vs iris

Philips Hue Play Vs Bloom Vs Go Vs Iris: In this article, I’ll help you choose between the four coolest smart accent lights out there to bedazzle your home, apartment, or college dorm room.

hue vs play vs go vs iris vs bloomAdding smart lights around the home makes it easy for homeowners to set the mood, create great ambient lighting, or make a statement. The problem that a lot of people face when shopping for smart lights is that it can be tricky to find the right one for them. With so many great options on the market and four of them from Philips Hue, knowing what to look for when shopping will help homeowners easily choose the right lighting for their home. Plus, it will help ensure they get the features and control that they want.

Anyone in a rush and simply wanting to know the answer of the winner in the battle between Hue Play vs Bloom vs Go vs Iris can rest easy knowing that the Hue Play is the top choice. It’s an incredibly bright smart light, which means that it can easily be used in a number of locations and is also very easy to connect and set up, no matter the layout or décor of the room.

These reasons, as well as a few others, set the Hue Play apart from other options on the market. Understanding the pros and cons of each and seeing what they have to offer will help buyers feel more comfortable in their decision. Comparing the design, what type of light they produce, and how bright they are will make choosing the best smart light easier, and makes it obvious why the Hue Play comes out on top.

Comparison Chart: Hue Play vs Bloom vs Go vs Iris

Let’s start with a quick comparison chart of Hue Play vs Hue Bloom vs Hue Go vs Hue Iris:

Hue Play
play vs bloom vs go vs iris
Design: Large
Brightness: 530 lm
Colors: 16 million
Voice Control: Alexa/Siri/Google
Bulb Type: 6.6 W
Size: 10” x 1.7” x 1.4”
Hue Bloom
Item Accent
philips hue play vs bloom vs go vs iris
Design: Discreet
Brightness: 120 lm
Colors: 16 million
Voice Control: Alexa/Siri/Google
Bulb Type: 8 W
Size: 5” x 4” x 5”
Hue Go
Whole Room
hue go
Design: Portable
Brightness: 300 lm
Colors: 16 million
Voice Control: Alexa/Siri/Google
Bulb Type: 6 W
Size: 3.1” x 5.9” x 5.9”
Hue Iris
Wall Accent
hue iris
Design: Portable
Brightness: 210 lm
Colors: 16 million
Voice Control: Alexa/Siri/Google
Bulb Type: 10 W
Size: 9” x 6” x 7”

Philips Hue Play: Best for Entertainment

Hue Play Vs Bloom Vs Go Vs Iris


One of the neatest features of the Hue Play is that up to three Hue Plays can be connected to a single power supply unit, which means that homeowners can set up an impressive lighting system in any room of their home with little difficulty. This does require the use of the Hue Hub, which is sold separately but provides plenty of lighting control and power. Additionally, the aesthetically pleasing design of this light makes it perfect to put in any room, as it won’t clash with décor or look out of place.

What really sets this unit apart from others is that it offers both smart and voice control, which allows users to easily create custom lighting displays without a lot of difficulties. Cool and warm light options, relax or focus brightness, dimming, and timers all work together to create a custom lighting experience. With 16 million different colors, it’s easy to see how the Hue Play is, hands down, the most impressive smart lighting option on the market today.

Check out this outstanding video review from DetroitBORG:

Note that pricing mentioned in the video may not match the latest pricing.


  • Thanks to multiple mounting options, this is one of the most versatile smart lighting options available on the market.
  • Features very low latency, which means that the lights respond quickly and correctly to lighting changes.
  • Can be used to create a more immersive viewing experience when watching TV or playing games as the light will sync with the TV.
  • Easily controlled with certain smart applications allowing for voice control.
  • Since the lights offer timers and dimming options, they can be used for gently waking up in the morning.


  • At least one consumer reported that the package was missing screws and a wrench for installation, but most screws can be used for installing the lights.
  • When a screensaver kicks in on a computer, then it can cause the lights to stop working, but turning off the screensaver can fix the problem.

Hue Bloom: Best for Illuminating an Object

Hue Play Vs Bloom Vs Go Vs Iris🌈SEE IT AT AMAZON

The long power cord on the Philips Hue Bloom means that users can easily set it up in most any room of their home without worrying about how close it is to an outlet. It’s perfectly designed to provide comfortable ambient light without the light being too bright or overwhelming, making it ideal for showcasing certain areas in the home or setting off art to ensure that it looks great. It’s easy to set up the light by plugging it in, although more advanced controls are possible in a smart home.

With a connection to media, Hue Bloom can be set to add dynamics by matching and contrasting with the lights and colors in the movie or on the game. This allows Bloom to have a huge impact on how people feel and their viewing experience. With voice control, 16 million colors to choose from, and the ability to set and edit timers, the Bloom offers easy control over the lighting.

Here’s a recent video demo-ing the Philips Hue Boom from Security Baron:



  • Designed to add lighting effects to any room, providing a personal light show with ease.
  • Ideal for providing indirect lighting that won’t be too overwhelming, which makes it ideal for a spotlight.
  • Can be controlled via voice, which makes creating ambiance in the room faster and easier than ever before.
  • Perfect for setting up the light and then forgetting it, as it can be used as a permanent fixture in the home.
  • The durable aluminum casing is designed to resist scratches and other types of damage, making the Bloom look great for years.


  • There are some users who are disappointed with the less bright display that this unit provides, but it is great for ambient light.
  • Can sometimes be difficult to match the exact lighting color to what is produced by other Philips units, which can make a room’s lighting look uneven.

Hue Go: Best Portable Colored Lamp

Hue Play Vs Bloom Vs Go Vs Iris


This portable light is a great option for any homeowner who wants the beauty and control of a Philips Hue smart lamp and wants to also be able to take it on the go. It boasts the same 16 million colors as the larger Hue lamps, and can easily be controlled via voice, smart control, or by the product control. It’s very easy to connect the Go to the bridge, making it possible for users to sync multiple lights.

While not the best option for a permanent location in the home, this portable light has the added benefit of a rechargeable battery, which makes it perfect for use in power outages. The attractive light can easily be adjusted to make it warmer or cooler or to make it brighter or duller, depending on the person’s needs.

9to5Mac has this nice video review and demo of the Philips Hue Go:


  • Offers an impressive 300 lumens of bright light on the go. This is more than enough power to light up a smaller room.
  • The portable design means that the Go can easily be unplugged from the wall and moved to a new location in the home.
  • Thanks to smart battery management, the Go provides max charge every time that it is unplugged from the wall. This reduces the chance of the unit running out of power when away from an outlet.
  • On-product control makes it very easy to control lighting on the Go without having to rely on voice control or on the app.
  • Plastic chassis is designed to help resist moisture damage and high humidity, which means that the light can be used in the bathroom.


  • At least one owner has reported lower battery life than is advertised, but since the unit can be plugged in, this issue is easily rectified.
  • While great for use in smaller spaces, the Go doesn’t offer a lot of power in a larger room.

Philips Hue Iris: A Smart Bright Spot

Hue Play Vs Bloom Vs Go Vs Iris


Not only is this light easy to control with voice access, which makes it a great option to use as a part of a smart home setup, but it also provides plenty of light. While it is not quite enough light to illuminate an entire room, it’s still a great choice for showcasing certain items in a space. The larger dimensions make this lamp sturdier and ensure that it won’t be misplaced.

When connected to the Philips Hue Bridge, users will have complete control over their light and be able to adjust it as necessary. Additionally, this lamp uses ZigBee technology, like other Hue lamps, to provide fast and reliable communication with the bridge for ease and responsiveness.

All things tech has a super helpful review comparing the Hue Go and Iris:


  • Offers 210 lumens of power, making this light ideal for use in darker areas
  • The larger size of the Iris makes it ideal for use in areas where more light is needed.
  • Being able to adjust the position of the lamp makes lighting a room easier than ever
  • The bulbous design of the Iris is ideal for projecting a lot of light and for lighting up a room or a certain area of the house
  • Dimmable light is easy to control and allows users to adjust the light according to their needs
  • Since the light is omnidirectional, it’s easy to turn and adjust the smart light to point the light in the correct location


  • At least one owner has reported that the unit doesn’t integrate easily with the Hub app, making controlling it difficult
  • The clear enclosure is lighter weight than other similar lights, but this makes it very easy to move and adjust the light

Philips Hue Play Vs Bloom Vs Go Vs Iris: Colorful Ideas?

So what do you think about my comparison of Philips Hue Play Vs Bloom Vs Go Vs Iris?

Do you think these smart light ideas are as cool as I do?

Here’s are some more cool ideas for setting up the ultimate Hue lighting setup from The Tech Chap. Way to go, Tom!

What kind of plans do you have for these lights? Home? Apartment? Dorm?

Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

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