Echo Show 5 vs Echo Spot: Which Little Alexa Display Is Better?

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Echo Show 5 vs Echo Spot:  In this article, we explore the differences between Amazon’s two littlest smart-speakers with screens.

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Echo Show 5 vs Echo Spot: 5 Marks the Spot?

Torn between buying Amazon’s new Echo Show 5 and the smaller, rounder Echo Spot?

Amazon’s recent introduction of the Echo Show 5 was a brilliant move to better compete with Google Nest Hub. Market research firm eMarketer recently reported Amazon Echo will capture 63.3% of smart speaker users this year, while Google Home will account for 31.0%.  [source eMarketer).

amazon-echo-show-5-vs-echo-spot-9459210But how does the new Show 5 compete with Amazon’s other smart speaker with a screen (a.k.a., the Echo Spot)?

I mean with a bigger screen, more security features, AND a lower price, why would you choose the Echo Spot anyways?

Is the Echo Show 5 the death of Amazon’s little round smart speaker?

Not so fast.

It really comes down to personal preference.  The Echo Spot has many fans and Spot owners consistently give it favorable reviews on Amazon.

In this post, we weigh the pros and cons and compare the two speakers side by side to help you make a well-informed purchase decision.

More for Less

Echo Show 5

The Amazon Echo Show 5 packs a ton of cool features into 5.5 inch screen smart speaker. It really is a miniature slighly scaled down version of its big brother, the Echo Show [2nd Generation].  It features a 960 x 480 resolution touchscreen, a 1MP camera, and 1 x 4 w speakers with what appears to be some pretty amazing sound. Best of all are the new security features that include a shutter for covering the camera. This is definitely a plus if you plan on putting this by your bedside.

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  • Bigger, better 5.5 inch LCD touchscreen
  • Camera shutter for privacy
  • Can turn off microphone
  • Better sound than Spot
  • Great low price
  • Latest generation design and technology


  • Lower screen resolution than larger Echo Show
  • Lower camera resolution
  • No Zigbee Hub

Cool Clock

Amazon Echo Spot

Interestingly, Amazon recently updated the product description for the Spot to be “Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa.”  I think that is Spot on.  The Spot’s compact size and round shape make this a great addition to your bedside table. However, is it worth paying more for the Spot?  That depends on your preferences really. I love my little Spot and think it is super cool. While some have complained about the sound, adding a stand dramatically improves sound quality.

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  • Cute circular design looks cool on beside table
  • You get everything Alexa in a tiny device
  • Microphone/camera off button to electronically disconnect the microphones and camera


  • Smaller screen
  • Lower resolution screen
  • No camera shutter
  • More expensive

Echo Show 5 vs Echo Spot: Price Comparison Table

Here is the latest pricing on the Amazon Echo Show 5, Amazon Echo Spot, and Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation on Amazon. I’ll include a stand for each device as well. Prices are updated nightly and current as of the date and time at the bottom of the table. Click “SEE IT” to see the latest price on Amazon.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

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An Argument for the Echo Spot

While some reviewers are saying that “hands down” the Echo Show 5 is better than the Echo Spot [source: AndoidCentral], I’m going to disagree. Why?

I love my Spot and its cool spherical shape. The biggest complaint is that the sound quality is a bit tinny. This is mostly due to Spot having first-generation Amazon sound technology. However, I have found that by adding a stand to the Spot, the sound quality is vastly improved. The stand makes it look better too.

Moreover, I have all of my Echo speakers (numbering now at six!) set up to use multi-room music. I actually like the way the Spot’s higher tremble range compliments the other speakers. Overall, my multi-room music setup sounds awesome!

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Also, the Spot’s small size lets it fit nicely on my side table which is a bit small. I think the round design looks cool too.

Echo Spot Video Review

The Verge did a nice review of the Echo Spot a while back:

Which is the Better Overall Speaker?

My favorite of the Amazon Echo devices is my Amazon Echo Show by a mile. I am talking about the larger 10″ Show here. It has a beautiful high-definition LCD touch screen, and with its passive bass radiator, the sound is just great. It actually rivals my little Bose speaker in sound quality. To me, this is the best Amazon Alexa device that you can buy.

Well, at least until my Echo Auto finally ships and I can give it a proper review. The jury is out until then.

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I am fully expecting the Echo Show 5 will be much like the larger Show. What’s interesting is that the resolution on both the screen and the camera are lower. Amazon must have had to design it this way to keep the price competitive with Google’s Nest Home Hub, which doesn’t have a camera at all.

Dimensions and Design Differences

The following table illustrates the key dimension and design differences between the two speakers.  While the most obvious one is the screen, there are some other notable differences too.  I was especially surprised to see that both devices weigh about the same, although the Spot is considerably smaller.

Table could not be displayed.

Touch Screen, Camera, and Sound Differences

My understanding and after seeing some video reviews is that the Echo Show 5’s screen resolution is just fine. This makes sense b/c of the smaller screen size. The smaller screen makes the difference in overall screen image quality negligible to the human eye.

The camera is not a big deal at all, assuming you aren’t going to be taking lots of pics with this thing. The video feed resolution will be just fine for the same reason stated above. It will not be as nice as on the larger Echo Show though.

The following table illustrates the major differences relative to Echo Show vs Spot touchscreen, camera, and sound.

Table could not be displayed.

Echo Show 5 Video Review

Here’s an initial take on Amazon Echo Show 5 from Craig’s Tech Talk. Nice job with the video, man.

New Security Features on Echo Show 5

Probably the “smartest” thing about the Echo Show 5 is a simple design change that Amazon made. That is the addition of a shutter that lets you cover the camera so that no one can peek in at your while you are sleeping (as if).


While you can rest assured there is no one spying on your through your Echo Show device, this will surely give some additional peace of mind to Amazon customers.

The shutter is a nice compliment to the camera and microphone off button that comes standard on both Show devices and also the Echo Spot. Amazon added some new Alexa privacy commands as well.

The company is starting to get more serious about Alexa privacy concerns, which is great.

Zigbee Hub, Buttons, Connectivity & More

Unlike the Echo Show 2nd Generation, neither of these devices sports a Zigbee Hub that comes included with the Echo Show.  This is a bit surprising, but it doesn’t really matter to anyone who hasn’t heavily invested in the Zigbee smart home ecosystem. More and more, smart devices are moving away from requiring a Hub at all.

Following is a side-by-side comparison of the technical specifications of the Echo Show 5 vs Echo Spot where the Zigbee Hub, buttons, and connectivity are concerned:

Table could not be displayed.

Echo Show 5 vs Echo Spot: Conclusion

So if you are looking the answer to the question, “Should I upgrade my Spot to the Echo Show 5?” Sure, if you want a bigger screen, better video quality, overall better sound and a camera shutter matters to you. But don’t toss out that Echo Spot! Instead, stick in the guest room, get a stand for it, and add it to your multi-room music set up. You will be glad you did.

While the new Show certainly offers more features, there is still something to be said for the cuter, rounder little spot, aesthetically speaking at least.

It will be interesting to see whether Amazon offers an upgrade to the Spot, lowers the price, or phases it out.

The good news that you still have a choice of three Amazon Echo smart speakers with screens —  at least for now.

The bottom line: in the battle of the Amazon Echo Show vs Echo Spot, the Echo Show is the better smart speaker overall, but there are still some selling points to the Echo Spot as well.

So in a nutshell…..

Buy the Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation If…

Buy the Amazon Echo Show 5 If…

Buy the Amazon Echo Spot If…

You want the best Amazon speaker you can own. You want the best overall speaker with a smart display. You like the way it looks and can live with some of the minor drawbacks detailed here.

Echo Show 5 vs Echo Spot: What’s Your Take?

echo-show-5-vs-echo-spot-piratei-2052816So, what do you thinkl about our comparison of Echo Show 5 vs Echo Spot?

Do you like the larger size Echo Show 5 or prefer the cute little round design of the Echo Spot?

Do you plan on buying one of these speakers or how about the larger Echo Show? If not, why not?  Where do you plan to use either the Echo Show 5 vs Echo Spot?

Do you like pirate jokes?  Here’s one:

[Click on the bars to reveal the answers.]

OK, that was three. I can go all day ?‍☠️.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the Echo Show 5 vs Echo Spot [and pirate jokes too]!

Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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