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The Saturday Night Live (SNL) Amazon Echo Silver Skit  [Alexa for Seniors] is off-the-chain funny because it is 100% true! I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. You can see the video right here below.

SNL Amazon Echo Silver Skit – Alexa for Seniors

It’s Funny Because It’s True

I bought my 80-year old mom and 79-year old stepfather the 2nd Generation Echo smart speaker for Christmas last year.

They used it for a few weeks – mostly for weather and music. Sadly, however, it has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust for the past several months, because “We can never remember what to ask her.”

Still, I like having it there, because I can drop-in when she misplaces the phone (fairly often).  And mom knows that she can say “Alexa, call 911” if she falls.

Both of them say “I don’t know about that,” to pretty much everything.  I thought I was the only one. Thanks, SNL and the Amazon Echo Silver smart speaker for making me feel a little less dumb. 😮

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