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12 Skills of Christmas! Best Amazon Alexa Holiday Skills 2021: Games, Music, Fun

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Looking for the best Amazon Alexa Christmas skills and Hanukkah skills for your 2021 holiday?

Sadly, an up-to-date list of Alexa holiday skills is about as difficult to find as a snowball in South Town.

Fear not, my little snowflakes.

You can actually see a ton of holiday skills right on Amazon, including the classic and highly accurate Norad Santa Tracker.

But you’re looking for some new and really cool holiday skills, continue on for our list of the best Amazon Alexa skills for your 2021 holiday.

Make Merry with Our Updated Alexa Skills

Forget about those other guys with their outdated lists of Alexa Christmas and Hanukkah skills that don’t work.

We’ve got the ultimate list of the skills for a jolly good holiday.

Best of all?

Unless otherwise noted, these skills work on any Amazon Echo device, including the New Echo Dot, Echo Dot Kids Edition, Echo, Echo Show, Echo Plus, and others.

So grab a candy cane and break out the menorah! It’s time to get into some serious holiday skills.

How To Enable the Christmas and Hannuka Skills

There are three ways you can enable these holiday skills.

The third and easiest way to enable the skill is by just asking Alexa to do it for you!  Just ask:

Alexa, can you enable <inssert skill name here>? 

S. Claus

First , you can try searching for a skill by its name on Amazon. When you find it, just click the Enable Skill button.

Second, you can search for and enable the skill using the Alexa app.

The third and easiest way to enable the skill is by just asking Alexa to do it for you!  Just ask:

Alexa, can you enable <inssert skill name here>? 

#1: Christmas Countdown

Amazon Alexa Christmas skillsType of Skill: Fun

Age Level: All

Do your “kids” get excited in anticipation of the day the big man in the red suit will arrive? Or maybe “someone you know” is the type to put off holiday shopping until Christmas Eve?

Either way, the Christmas Countdown skill can help.

First, tell Alexa:

“Enable the Christmas Countdown skill.”

Then, just ask [or have the kids ask]:

“Alexa, Ask Christmas Countdown how many days until Christmas.”

And she’ll answer you as honestly as she can [depending on your time zone!]

Shoot. I really better get going on my shopping.

#2: Hanukkah Trivia

Amazon Alexa Christmas skills Type of Skill: Game

Age Level: 13+

For our kosher friends on the other side of the Sivivon, we give you the Hanukkah Trivia skill!

This is a great skill for Festival of Lights gatherings—or for anyone who wants to learn more about the holiday, really.

Alexa asks you multiple-choice questions about how the tradition is celebrated and how Jewish people commemorate it.

Play for yourself—or for chocolate coins against your friends. Yum!

Just say:

“Alexa, play Hanukkah Trivia.”

#3: Christmas Radio

Type of Skill: Music

Age Level: All

best amazon alexa holiday skillsNext on our list of Amazon Alexa Christmas and Hanukkah skills for 2021 is Christmas Radio.

This is a live stream from Westwood One Internet Radio. Christmas radio plays a perfect mix of popular holiday tunes and Christmas classics. As sure as Rudolph has a red nose, this is guaranteed to be your go-to station this holiday season.

Just say: “Alexa, enable Christmas Radio.”

In the past few minutes, I’ve heard:

Something About Christmas Time by Brian Adams

The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole

And, oh no…!!!

All I Want For Christmas Is You By Mariah Carey

Boo! I find both Mariah and THAT song equally disturbing.

amazon echo alexa christmas hanukkah skills


Anyway, Christmas Radio is a solid choice for holiday parties, tree trimming, and eggnog drinking activities.

?Holiday Bonus:  If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can also just say: “Alexa, Play Christmas Music.” And she’ll play a Holiday Favorites channel on Prime. ??Added bonus: you can skip over anything by Mariah. Just say: “Alexa, Skip!” 😛

By the way, this station sounds would sound really great on a brand new Echo Sub subwoofer paired with a 2nd Gen Echo. Don’t you think?

#4: Holiday Song Quiz

Amazon Alexa Christmas Skills 2018Type of Skill: Game /Music

Age Level: All

Do you remember the popular 80s game show “Name That Tune?”  [Yes, I’m dating myself again.]

Well, this is kind of like that—without the $100,000 jackpot. Darn.

alexa holiday skills 2018

First, you tell Alexa the number of song clips you would like her to play.

She will then play a Christmas Tune and ask you to name the song title and artist.  Instead of the $100K, you get:

  • 10 points if you can name the song title  [easy]
  • Another 10 points if you can name the artist [harder]

You will love this skill if you are any sort of a music buff and like holiday tunes.  I crushed it!

And thankfully there was nothing by Mariah on this playlist.

?Holiday Bonus: Check out Christmas Music Quiz for a similar type or game.

#5: Christmas Kindness

best amazon alexa holiday skillsType of Skill: Inspirational

Age Level: All

Don’t be a Scrooge!

Get into the holiday spirit this season with Christmas Kindness.   Every day until Christmas, just say:

“Alexa, Open Christmas Kindness….”

And Alexa will give you a little assignment on how you can be a little kinder and gentler this holiday season. Here is the kind  task that Alexa charged me with today:

Be sure to say thanks to the janitorial and security staff, the parking lot attendant. Make gratitude your first thought.

Nice. I think I will, just as soon as I finish helping this little old lady across the street. 😉

The creator of this skill also lets you submit your own suggestions for an act of kindness to the list. Send email to They claim to add contributed ideas weekly.

#6: Christmas Facts

Amazon Alexa Christmas Skills Type of Skill: Educational

Age Level: All

Impress your holiday dinner guests this year with a fun fact about Christmas.

Just say: “Alexa, Open Christmas Facts.”

For example:

Before it was turkey, the traditional Christmas meal in England was a pig’s head and lobster.

Hmm….a pigs HEAD?? Really? I wonder what a British lobster tastes like.

Editor’s Note:  This Alexa holiday skill can be a little buggy, but if you ask her a few times, she will eventually spit out a fact.

#7: A James Torme Christmas

best amazon alexa holiday skillsType of Skill: Music

Age Level: All

Full disclosure: I had no idea who James Torme was until I started researching this article.

Turns out he is an award-winning Jazz music artist and son of jazz-legend Mel Torme. I know that Mel had a few rocking Christmas albums back in the day so I decided to check this skill out. Impressed! This will surely be a classic among the best Amazon Alexa holiday skills for years to come.

If you’re into Christmas jams, check this kid out.

Just ask:  “Alexa, Open A James Torme Christmas.”

?Holiday Bonus: Enjoy James Torme’s rendition of The Christmas Song.

#8: Ambient Visions Fireplace [for Echo Show]

Type of Skill: Screensaver

Age Level: All

If you own an Echo Show, why not set the holiday mood right with this lovely and high-rated fireplace screen saver. Fireplace Video plays three hours of a relaxing open wood fire on your Echo Show.

Just say: “Alexa, Open Fireplace.”

?Holiday Bonus: You can also run this on Echo Spot and Facebook Portal.

Don’t have an Echo Show? Maybe Santa will bring you one for Christmas. You can also see the latest pricing on Amazon here.

#9: Christmas Sounds

Type of Skill: Music and Sounds

Age Level: Any

best amazon alexa holiday skillsThe Christmas Sounds skill provides a Christmas-y atmosphere to lift your mood this holiday season. This my personal favorite Amazon Alexa Christmas and Hanukkah skill for 2021.

Best of all ? You have zero chance of a Blue Christmas with this skill around.

The description in the Amazon App store reads:

“Get together with your family, remember the sounds and music from childhood and simply have a great time.”

That about sums it up. Think sweet-sounding carolers and jingle bells with an occasional “Christmas owl” thrown in the mix for good measure. Hoot hoot.

Just ask: “Alexa, Enable Christmas Sounds.”

Then ask: “Alexa, Open Christmas Sounds.”

? Reindeer Tip: Use the command “Open” and not “Play” so Alexa doesn’t get confused with your holiday music playlists.

#10: Christmas Jokes

best amazon alexa holiday skills 2018Type of Skill: Fun

Age Level: Any

OK, sure you can just ask Alexa to tell you a Christmas joke [or a joke on just about any topic including pirates-aye!], BUT this a skill was created especially for Christmas jokes ONLY.

And really bad ones. Terrible actually. But great fun!

First say: “Alexa,  Enable Christmas Jokes,” to enable the skill.

Then, say: “Alexa, Open Christmas Jokes,” then next time you want to use it.

Here’s a little sample:

Q: What did Adam say the night before Christmas?

A: It’s Christmas, Eve.

Get it! LOL. Had to think on that for a second.

#11: Is It Christmas?

Alexa Christmas Hanukkah Skills 2018Type of Skill: Fun

Age Level: Any

The Is It Christmas skill is so obvious and annoying you need to try it just to see. Maybe.

First, say:

“Alexa, Enable Is it Christmas.”

Then ask:

“Alexa, is it Christmas?”

Well, what did you expect?!

OK, moving on…

#12: Spin the Dreidel

best amazon alexa holiday skills 2018Type of Skill: Game

Age Level: Any

We couldn’t wrap our epic list of Amazon Alexa /Echo Christmas and Hanukkah skills without another skill for our proud Jewish friends.

This skill is all about Hanukkah’s most traditional game: Spin the Dreidel.

With Spin the Dreidel, Alexa asks you to spin a virtual top. She then tells you which Hebrew letter it lands on. Your job is to take action depending on your letter.

Just ask:

“Alexa, Enable Spin the Dreidel.”


“Alexa, Open Spin the Dreidel.”

Again, you open NOT play, or she might play that cute little Spin the Dreidel song.

?Holiday Bonus: Check out this link to take Google’s virtual dreidel for a spin. Fun, but addictive, so proceed with caution!

Bonus! Alexa New Year’s Countdown

A few of you had written in to ask me if I knew of a decent Alexa New Year’s Eve Countdown skill.

There is at least one, but the ratings are mixed at best. Still, I will include it here and you can judge for yourself.

The only one I would even remotely recommend is called, you guessed it, New Year Countdown.  The Description says “This skill is perfect for people that want… to hear a fun, ecstatic countdown from 10. This plays a group of people counting down, perfect for any event where you need to count down.”

I just tested it and it works as advertised with what sounds like fireworks at the end of the countdown. The “revelers” do sound slightly annoying though.

You can enable it here.

Happy Holidays

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

More so, we hope you and your family will enjoy the Alexa Christmas and Hanukkah skills listed above.

And since we accomplished our mission of getting you some updated skills, we’ll leave you with a little diddy by Heat Miser’s “colder” brother.

“Here he comes now, the big ham…”

[He was able to get it to snow in South Town after all!]

Amazon Alexa Christmas and Hanukkah Skills – Your Turn

We hope you found our review of the 12 Best Alexa Christmas and Hanukkah Skills for insightful.

Do you plan on using any of these skills on your Echo device?

Have you already?

Do you have a favorite Alexa Christmas or Hanukkah skill we may have missed?

Please leave a comment below, and share this with your friends if you found it useful.  Thank you for your support!


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