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Pulp Diction: How To Change Alexa’s Voice & Language

In Amazon Alexa, How Tos by Tim Brennan2 Comments

In this post, I explore how to change Alexa’s name, voice, and language. Sadly you can’t replace Alexa’s voice with Samuel Jackson, Jarvis, Lord Vader, Cardi B, Morgan Freeman, or Snoop Dogg [yet]. Update! However, Amazon announced last week that you WILL be able to replace Alexa’s voice for many common phrases with Samuel L. Jackson’s voice. The feature is available …

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Echo Auto vs Echo Input vs Echo Dot: 2022 Update

In Amazon Alexa, Echo Auto, Echo Dot by Tim Brennan

A surprising question I often get asked is: What is the difference between Amazon’s Echo Auto vs Echo Input vs Echo Dot devices? Why is this surprising? I mean, they all sort of look the same.  Two of them are roundish and they are all smallish electronic devices. And they all let you engage with Amazon Alexa in some fashion. …

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Echo Studio vs Echo Sub: Oh Yeah, Alexa’s Got Bass!

In Amazon Alexa, Music & Audio by Tim Brennan

In this overdue post, I happily compare my two favorite Amazon speakers: Echo Studio vs Echo Sub. I’ll review the similarities and differences, pros and cons, and compare them side-by-side in a full-specs comparison table. If you simply want to know the main differences between the two, here they are: Echo Studio is a full-functioning Alexa speaker that delivers premium …

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Can Amazon Alexa Speak French in 2022? [Oui! Mais…]

In Amazon Alexa by Tim Brennan

In this blog post, I will answer the following question clearly and concisely, to the best of my abilities: Can Amazon Alexa Speak French? If you prefer the short answer and want to get straight to the point, here it is: Yes, Amazon Alexa is able to speak French. The French dialects Alexa supports are Canadian French, French/U.S., and French/U.K. …

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43 Scary Things to Ask Alexa in 2022 (#7 is Creepy)

In Amazon Alexa by Tim Brennan

In this article, I am going to help you get your “spooky on” with the biggest list of downright scary things to ask Amazon’s Alexa on the web. So be afraid. Be very afraid. 👻 How Do You Make Alexa Scary? ne of the most popular articles in this blog is a post that I wrote about a few years …