Echo Show 2 vs Facebook Portal Plus vs Nest Hub Max [2024 Comparison]

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In this article, I compare the Amazon Echo Show 2 vs Facebook Portal Plus vs Nest Hub Max. Read on to find out which one of these displays should sit atop your kitchen counter or home office desk.

So which smart display is best overall?

41gsm5mfhml-_sl160_-2614757Facebook Portal Plus is the best overall smart display.  It has the largest [15.6-inch] screen with the highest resolution [1920 x 1080]  and can rotate from landscape to portrait mode. During video calls, the camera “frames” and follows subjects around the room, plus the microphone volume adjusts depending on a caller’s proximity to the device.

For these reasons, even with the slightly higher price tag, the Facebook Portal Plus gets my pick for the best smart display so far in 2022.  I’m in good company apparently as it currently has stellar ratings on Amazon. But let’s take a closer look at all four options before you hit that buy button just yet.

Comparison Chart: Echo Show 2 vs Facebook Portal Plus vs Hub Max

The following chart compares key features of the Echo Show vs Portal vs Portal Plus vs Hub Max.  For a more detailed features comparison, check out the table near the end of this post.

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What is a Smart Display?

Smart displays are all the rage right now, and in the past year, we have seen some amazing new larger displays including the 2nd Gen Amazon Echo Show and Google’s new Nest Hub Max. More recently, Facebook has gotten in on the act, introducing its new Portal and Portal Plus displays. However, with all the options you can now to choose from, it can be confusing to figure out the best one for you.

A smart display is a digital assistant with a screen.  They include features like the ability to:

  • Initiate and receive video calls
  • View guided step-by-step recipes in the kitchen
  • Controls thousands of smart home devices
  • Display song lyrics to accompany music that plays from the device
  • Display weather, news, live sports, and stock quotes
  • Act as a very fancy clock/alarm clock
  • Display YouTube, Hulu, Prime and videos from other services right on the screen

You can also hook the screen up to one of these Echo Show compatible security cameras and use it as a security monitor for your front door, baby’s room, nanny cam, pet cam, or whatever.

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Amazon Echo Show

My Rating (Out of 100)

While the original Echo Show had a few mistakes that made it difficult to use, Amazon stepped up their game with the Echo Show 2nd Generation. This second-generation smart display is an incredible option for anyone who wants clear and bright sound, as it boasts two huge speakers in the back that are powerful. These rear-facing speakers also mean that the Echo Show 2 takes up a lot less space than some other smart displays, which is ideal for a minimalist home.


This is Tech Today does a nice job with this video over of the Echo Show 2nd Generation.


  • Amazon’s biggest screen to date and one of the best sound Alexa devices [especially when you put in on a stand].
  • Full Alexa integration for all voice commands & video /audio calling.
  • New home screen display allows users to see their calendar and reminders at a glance.
  • Built-in Zigbee Hub lets you control smart devices that rely on Zigbee without an extra Hub
  • Extensive smart home device support with Alexa
  • Includes access to more than 70,000 voice apps to help new users get started controlling their display and home devices.
  • Includes eight microphones, making it easy for the smart display to hear users talk to it, even when there is a lot of ambient noise in the room.
  • Works great as part of an Amazon multi-room music configuration.


  • No auto framing like Facebook and Google for video calls
  • No smart sound during video calling [sounds gets louder the closer callers get to the device].
  • Landscape mode only [can’t rotate like you can Facebook Plus].
  • No YouTube app or voice control; requires that you open YouTube in the browser.

Facebook Portal Standard [with Alexa]

My Rating (Out of 100)

This powerful smart display allows users to connect to Facebook so that they can easily connect with each other, control apps, and even use third-party services. It’s a practical option due to its smaller size, and really is a great choice for any Facebook fan. It features great Facebook connectivity and allows users to interact with their account without frustration. I do think the Echo Show is a better choice for owners of other Amazon devices and it looks more elegant in general, but this device costs less though.


CNET has a nice review comparing the Portal with the Portal plus. I’ll embed it below.


  • Offers support for calls with up to seven different people, making it an obvious choice for group conversations.
  • The Smart Camera automatically adjusts and frames calls for the best appearance when talking.
  • Smart Volume will automatically change and adjust the sound to ensure even and consistent sound in the room.
  • Microphone and camera can be turned off, which gives some people peace of mind to not have the display running all the time.
  • Redesigned speakers are incredibly loud and make it possible to hear music and calls without problems.


  • Some users have reported being frustrated with the face because it doesn’t run on a battery, but the long AC cord makes it easy to plug in anywhere in the home.
  • At least one user has reported that voice commands can be difficult for people to use if they have strong accents.

Facebook Portal Plus [with Alexa]

My Rating (Out of 100)

While I love my Echo Show and have recently tested and compared it to the Nest Hub, the Facebook Portal Plus is tempting me big time to hit that buy button after seeing an in-depth demo at my local Best Buy.  Why?

Bigger is better, and the Portal Plus proves it. Not only does it boast Facebook connectivity, but it features an impressive 1920 x 1080 resolution, great speakers, and powerful Bluetooth 4.2 It’s the Facebook Portal, but improved, and does an exceptional job allowing users to access third-party services, such as Spotify, Food Network, Alexa, and even Pandora.  Best of all, it’s smart crisp 12MP camera follows video call subjects around the room and its fisheye wide-angle lens shows even a large room of people.

When comparing the Echo Show 2 vs Facebook Portal Plus vs Nest Hub Max, this is my favorite choice.


Engadget also does a nice job with this video overview of the Portal and Portal Plus [although I could certainly get used to the design with that huge screen!]:


  • Best option for video chat: camera intelligently pans or widens to keep callers in view when somebody moves out of frame.
  • Built-in microphones intelligently adjust volume levels depending on caller location in the room.
  • Encrypted calls ensure nobody is able to listen in on private conversations.
  • Additional security features include a camera and mic on and off, and an optional lens cover for the camera is included for additional privacy.
  • Dual 20W tweeters and a four-inch base speaker deliver the best sound of all the smart displays.
  • Largest of all smart displays is rotatable to portrait or landscape mode.
  • Silly stickers, face filters, and storytime for video calls make it a fun experience for the kids.


  • Fewer apps than Amazon Echo Show and Google.
  • Unable to join a multi-room music configuration.

Google Nest Hub Max vs Echo Show 2 vs Facebook Portal Plus

My Rating (Out of 100)


Debuting in September, Google Nest Hub Max is Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo Show. And Google’s answer to the Facebook portal to a point  The screen size is 10” about the size of the Show and regular-sized Facebook Portal screen. Unlike the previous, smaller version of the Nest Hub, the Max adds a camera to address what was probably the biggest complaint about its standard Nest Hub device.


The Verge gives us a sneak peak at the Google Nest Hub Max before it comes out in September.


  • The matte display adjusts the color temperature to adjust to the room.
  • Recognizes your face, so it can show information customized specifically for you on screen.
  • Best overall integration with YouTube [no surprise as Google owns YouTube].
  • tyle=”color: green;” type=”check”]Best overall integration with Nest smart thermostats, smart locks, cameras, etc. [again no surprise as Google owns Nest].
  • Comes in gray and white.


  • The lower resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels make image quality less than others here.
  • Sound is better than previous generation but critics say still not as good as Amazon or Facebook.
  • Unable to turn off the camera without turning off the microphone [this seems like a pretty serious design flaw that Google will need to address in future version].
  • Nest functions required a subscription.

Echo Show 2 vs FaceBook Portal Plus vs Nest Hub Max: Tech Specifications

Here are the full technical specifications for each display side by side.

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The Bottom Line

With the premium smart display market just a little over a year old it will be exciting to see where this technology takes us.

Final Word on a Portal Plus

Facebook Portal Plus is the closest thing that we have come to the Jetsons version of video calling yet.  However, the premium video calling features and the larger rotatable screen come at a higher price tag.

Maybe one of these companies will invent the “morning mask” next!

Final Word on the Echo Show

I absolutely love my Echo Show. It is my favorite Echo device and possibly my favorite smart home device.  Amazon’s upgrade to the Echo Show last September turned the previous version from an “expensive plastic toy” to an elegant smart screen that fits in nicely on your kitchen counter with all of the benefits of Alexa.

You can read my review of the Echo Show 2nd Generation vs 1st Gen here.

I think this remains a great choice for anyone looking for a high-end smart screen to integrate with Amazon’s ecosystem or who does not want to pay Facebook’s price tag.

Final Word on the Google Nest Hub Max

Full disclosure, I’m not really a fan of the Google ecosystem at all [just a strong personal preference for Amazon] and for that reason, I’m going to withhold my opinion about Google’s newly re-branded Nest Hub here. There are many other bloggers and vloggers who have already gone there, so if you want a 2nd option it won’t be hard to find.

So What Smart Screen Should You Buy?

While I am also not really a fan of Facebook [at all], I’m super-impressed by the Facebook Portal Plus. Its immersive experience for video calling makes it a step up from the Amazon Echo Show for that feature.  If you are looking for the best video calling experience, this is it bar none.  I also like the larger sized screen and how you can rotate it. You can see the latest Facebook Portal Plus pricing on Amazon here.

It will be interesting to see if the next version of the Echo Show matches Facebook Portal Plus’s functionality. Regardless, the battle between Echo Show vs Facebook Portal vs Nest Home Hub will be an interesting one to watch in the coming months for sure. I  look forward to being with you every step of the way.

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