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In this article below, I address the curious and somewhat elusive question: Can Amazon Alexa speak Italian?

Here is the short answer:

Yes, Amazon Alexa can speak Italian. The Italian dialects that Alexa can speak are Italian/U.S. and Italian/U.K. To select a language through your Amazon Alexa application on your Android or Apple iOS device, go to Devices > Echo and Alexa > Select Desired Device > Device Settings > Language > and finally, select Italian.

The Italian Question

can-amazon-alexa-speak-italian-350-x-500-px-e1641316696849-3627392Mike, a good friend of mine from Montreal, is Italian. He knows that I have been blogging about Alexa, so he called me with a question the other day.

“Say, Tim, do you know if Amazon Alexa can speak Italian?” he asked.

He is thinking of getting an Echo Show 10 or 15 for his grandmother for Christmas. The only problem is that she doesn’t speak much English.

But she does speak Italian fluently…

Mike wanted to know if he should change the default Alexa language on the Echo Show to Italian and whether there was a bilingual option that could potentially help her learn to speak English.

I told Mike that he was in luck because I had been creating a series of blog posts about all of the various languages Alexa can speak. I also told him that the answers to his questions were “yes” and “yes.”

There are some limitations; I will address them below.

So, Big Mike up in Montreal, this one’s for you and your Nonna!

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The Limitations

There are nearly three dozen Italian dialects in the world, and covering them all would be a monstrous task, so Amazon has given Alexa the ability to speak the two most common Italian dialects, at least for now.

The two Italian dialects that Alexa currently supports are:

  • Italian/U.S.
  • Italian/U.K.
Note: Some of Amazon Alexa’s features and content currently available in the U.S. may be unavailable to you if you use the Italian language selection on your device.

There are always minor differences between languages and dialects, whether they are as simple as greetings or as complex as variances in sentence structure. If Amazon Alexa does not support the dialect you use, it may take time before you are comfortable with the one you choose for Alexa to speak.

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How To Get Alexa To Speak Italian [A Step By Step Guide]

Step #1:Open your Amazon Alexa application.

Step #2: Select Devices.


Step 3: Select your device from the list.


Step #4: Select the gear icon to access device settings.


Step #5: Select Language.


Step #6: Select either Italiano or your preferred dialect.

Important Notes:

  • If you do not have Italian or its provided dialects on your list of supported languages, update your Alexa app.
  • If you still do not have the desired language listed on your device after an update, the language may not be supported on your specific Echo device (older generation devices do not support all of the latest language updates).
  • If you own multiple Alexa devices, check to see if another device you own supports your preferred language.


Keep in mind:

It’s important to note that whether your Amazon Alexa supports Italian depends on both your device’s generation and on your current location. While many languages are spoken worldwide, not all of them are fully supported by Alexa.

Depending on Alexa’s support of your selected language, some features such as device capabilities, music, skills, and content may not be fully available.

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The video below, made by One Hour Smart Home, is a great and in-depth video showing you how to change the language settings on your Amazon Alexa.

How to Change Alexa’s Language Using Voice Commands

There are several voice commands that can be used to change Alexa’s language options if your location and your device is a generation that supports this skill. Listed below are some voice commands to try.
Try the following voice commands for yourself.

  • “Alexa, speak Italian.”

You can also enable multi-language mode, which allows you to speak English. Alexa will respond to you in your desired language. Try:

  • “Alexa, speak English and Italian.”

You can also set it to the opposite, in which you speak another language and Alexa responds in English.

  • “Alexa, speak English and Italian.”

To get Alexa to stop speaking in Italian, you can try either:

  • “Alexa, stop speaking Italian.”


  • “Alexa, switch back to English.”

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Are Amazon Echo Devices Sold in Italy?

A commonly asked question that usually accompanies the question “Can the Amazon Alexa speak Italian?” is whether or not Amazon Echo devices are available for purchase in Italy.

The answer to that question is YESS!! In addition to delicious pasta and pizza, Echo devices are available for purchase in Italy.

Not only are Echo devices available for purchase in Italy but other Amazon devices are sold in Italy as well.

Now that you have learned how to change your language settings to Italian, let me show you some of the most popular Italian skills you can utilize with your Amazon Alexa.

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Popular Italian Skills Available For Amazon Echo Devices


Countless skills are available for Italian customers to access via their Amazon Alexa, and there are numerous more developed all the time.

Here are eleven extremely popular Italian Amazon skills:

Go to the Amazon Italian website ( and search for Alexa skills in the search bar to explore many awesome skills like the ones listed above.

Can Amazon Alexa Speak Italian? “Sì!”

In the end, Mike decided to get his nonna an Echo Show 10. His nonna deserved the best, which meant a device that she could confidently communicate with. He wanted to ensure her device had full support for her Italian language needs, and he didn’t want her to miss out on any of the currently available Alexa skills.


He was relieved that Amazon’s Alexa could indeed speak Italian.

Would you have done the same in his place, or is your current device perfect for your linguistic needs? Please leave a comment letting me know what you would have chosen.

Do you have a preferred language that I should address in another post? Tell me all about that in the comments as well.


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