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21 Best Echo Show & Dot Stands, Wall Mounts & Holders [2022]

In Amazon Echo by Tim Brennan

Were you one of the fortunate few to score an Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot before they sold out for Christmas last year [source Bloomberg]? Or perhaps just ordered up a shiny new Echo Dot after you heard Amazon added a cool LCD clock to the device? Hooray! Well, then it’s time to celebrate! How? By checking out 21 cool …

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21 Best Fitness Tech Products for a Smart Home Gym in 2022

In Recommendations by Tim Brennan

Synopsis: In this article, I review 21 of the hottest fitness tech products, including weight training and cardio equipment, gadgets, accessories, and gear to outfit a smart home gym. So what the best new fitness tech products for 2022? Here are my top picks in each of the following fitness tech product categories: You can click any of the above …

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Nixplay vs Skyzoo vs Aeezo: Digital Frame Face-Off!

In Digital Frames by Tim Brennan

Today, I compare three excellent smart digital photo frames, and there’s only one way to do it. I’m aiming to give you the “full picture” between the Nixplay vs Skyzoo vs Aeezo so you’ll know which one is the right choice for you. There are three frames contending for the top prize here. Don’t get me wrong, they all have …

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Amazon vs Google vs Apple: What Smart Home Ecosystem is Best?

In Home Automation by Tim Brennan

Synopsis: This post explores key things to consider in order to create the ultimate smart home ecosystem. It answers questions like: Should I get an Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, or something else? How do I set up all my devices to work together? Is my smart home eavesdropping on me? Thanks to Jennifer Karami of for contributing to this post. Tony Stark …

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Logitech Harmony Holiday Deals 2022: Elite, Companion, 950, 650…

In Recommendations by Tim Brennan

Logitech Harmony Holiday Sales 2021!  There were some EPIC deals on Harmony remotes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. this year. The good news is many of them are still available and will likely continue through Christmas. Woot! This page is dedicated to tracking the best deals on Harmony remotes for the 2021 holiday season. This year, I will actively track …

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Ring Pro vs August vs Eufy: Top 3 Alexa Doorbells Compared

In Home Security by Tim Brennan

It’s Ring Pro vs August vs Eufy in an epic video doorbell showdown! In this article, I review the three best Alexa-compatible video doorbells [one works with Google Assistant too].  I’ll compare them side by side, provide mini-reviews of each product, list out some key similarities and differences, and also provide a detailed specification table. Just want to know the …