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Blink Mini Vs Wyze Cam v3 Vs Wyze Cam Pan [2022 Update]

In Home Security by Tim Brennan

In this article, I’ll compare the new Blink Mini vs Wyze Cam v3 vs Wyze Cam Pan. I’ll include a side-by-side features comparison table so you can get a sense of the similarities and differences between the three cameras at a glance. Simply want to know what is the same and different between these cameras?  Here are the main things: They …

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5 Ways You Can Dramatically Improve Alexa Sound Quality

In Amazon Alexa by Tim Brennan

In the post, I am going to share five killer tips you can use to help you dramatically improve Alexa sound quality on your Amazon Echo devices. Here are five pro tips to help you make your Echo devices sound better: Tip #1: Adjust the Equalizer Tip #2: Set up Multi-Room Music Tip #3: Pair with Other Bluetooth Speakers Tip …

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5 Best Robot Mowers for Small Lawns in 2022 [1/4-1/2 Acre]

In Lawn & Garden by Tim Brennan

In this article, I will give an in-depth review of the five best robot mowers for small lawns—without getting too deep in the weeds. If you have a lawn size between a little under 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre, this article has you covered. I spent the better part of a week researching these mowers and have written several other …

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11 Early Prime Day Smart Home Deals [2022 Tracker]

In Recommendations by Tim Brennan

I am now tracking the latest early Prime Day smart home deals for 2022. Prime Day 2022: Two Days of Deals ey Amazon, enough with the false advertising already! Prime “Day” for the past two years has really been two days. But I like it. A lot. So when is Prime Day 2022, you ask? This year Amazon’s annual two-day …

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10 Best Echo Show Stands for 2nd Gen, 15, 10, 8 & 5 [2022]

In Echo Show by Tim Brennan

Looking for the best Echo Show stands to take Alexa to new heights? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, I break down the best of the best stands for every generation of the smart display released to date: Echo Show 5, 8, 10, 15, 2nd Gen, and 1st Gen. Here are my picks for the 15 best …

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11 Best Echo Show Compatible Cameras for 2022

In Home Security by Tim Brennan

Dang-you, Amazon Prime Day! I now own an Echo Show 10, 8, and 5, and I have been thinking about adding at least two Echo Show compatible cameras to my Amazon smart home ecosystem. In my typical O.C.D. fashion, I have been researching cameras like crazy, and here is what I found out about both indoor and outdoor cams. Here …

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UKOKE AC Review 2022: How Cool Is This Alexa Air Conditioner?

In HVAC & Power by Tim Brennan

In this UKOKE AC review, I’ll give you my non-expert thoughts and buying guide on this smart portable air conditioner by a company with a funny-sounding name. Chill Time ast year, I bought the UKOKE Smart Portable AC unit over at Amazon, and I have wanted to write this review ever since. Let me start by saying that this review …

ukoke ac review